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avocado oil in Montreal?

Does anyone know if/where I can get this? Local to the Plateau and organic/unrefined would be best, but i realize this may be difficult to get so anywhere is fine!

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  1. i've seen avocado oil in many supermarkets

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      Me too. Try Bioterre on St. Viateur or Tao on St. Denis. Rachelle-Bery might carry it too.

    2. I bought some last year at Loblaws, but I didn't see it there lately anymore.

      1. saw some at Fou d'ici today, opposite place des arts (berri) metro station

        1. I don't think it's very hard to find. Bio-Terre, Rachelle-Béry, Tau or whatever health food store should have it.

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          1. i got some at latina.. but yeah everywhere...

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              just curious as never used it, do you buy it for the taste

            2. Thanks for all the tips, I guess I was just completely wrong that this would be a hard item to find!

              Mangoannie - I have been researching lately about fats/oils with high smoke points to use to cook at high temp. Avocado oil has, IIRC, the highest (or one of the highest) smoke points, even unrefined. I had been using EVOO to cook at high temp and have learned this isn't the best use (of EVOO). So since I love avocados, a LOT, I reckoned I would try avocado oil. I'll post here once Ive actually tried it. :)

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                Holy crap, you want to cook with it? The stuff is really expensive. It's mostly used for flavour. If you want a high temp cooking oil you'd be much better off looking at grape seed or rice bran oil.

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                    I like safflower, but it's expensive. Rice bran is cheap and it works like gangbusters. I also keep sunflower and peanut oil handy as well as beef tallow shortening, but only for French fries. It's not very healthy stuff.

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                      I've been keeping my eyes open for rice bran oil but haven't seen it around. Where do you get it?

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                        I buy it at Asian supermarkets. Last time was at Hawaï, but I've also seen it at Kim Phat. It's with the other cooking oils.

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                    Does it taste nice?
                    I love avocados, but i've never tried it

                1. Well when I say 'cook' I mean saute...I don't mean deep fry! As I said Ive been reading a lot on fats and cooking with fats and just want to try a few different things. I'd also like to try 'tea seed oil' even though I'm not sure what it is. Lard is another thing, as well as butter, that isn't, apparently, the devil, so I'm looking into using those 2 for cooking more as well, although butter won't work for high temp.

                  If anyone is interested, this is a page of info on the various oils and what they're good or not good for: http://www.eatingrules.com/Cooking-Oi... (PDF


                  EDIT: and now that we're on the subject - is it possible to get real suet anywhere in Montreal? I'd love to make a suet pastry steak pie.

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                    thanks for info and this site eatingrules, looks interesting and it answered my questions about pumpkin seed oil which was also in the store

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                      Isn't that chart handy? Re: taste, I *have* tried pumpkin seed oil and it is yummy - I use it on salads. I also have pumpkin seed butter and can confirm that it does go off quickly, compared to peanut butter etc. But it's delish.

                  2. they always have it at L'essentiel
                    273 rue St-Zotique Est

                    as many of their products, you may request it in different format and they will bottle it for you.

                    1. President's Choice Black Label has BY FAR the best Avocado oil I have tasted:


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                        Wow, thanks for letting me know this exists - will definitely give this a try - have you seen it in any specific grocery stores?

                        1. re: montrealeater

                          it should be available in all loblaws/provigo stores

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                            they only made the black label available in certain markets, actually. I'd check their website to see which stores carry it.

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                              The Loblaws on Henri Bourassa near L'Acadie carried it for a while but sold out VERY quick. They may have restocked by now. Supposedly these Black Label products are quite highly regarded in certain circles.

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                                Do any of you know if these Black Label products have been spotted at the Jean Talon Loblaws? I'll be there this week. Maybe I'll call ahead and ask them to put aside some of the avocado oil if they have any.

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                                  I saw them in the Rachel / Angus Loblaws, they are in the veggie section right after the entrance of the store.

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                                    Let us know how you like it if you find it!

                                    Just tried their San Marzano tomatoes tonight and I was once again impressed by the quality of these products.

                                    Picked up some of their caramelized red onion chutney too and I can't wait to try it.

                                    1. re: SKYMTL

                                      SKYMTL (or, anyone!) is there a specific Loblaws that carries a wide range of these PC Black Label products? I just thoroughly checked out the product list and have decided there are a number of things I want to try and that it's worth going to a Loblaws (or any other store that carries the line...) that has a broad selection of products. I have a longstanding and slightly lame obsession with PC and ... yeah ... new stuff to try yay! The San Marzanos are on the to-try list.

                                      If I dot his this week I'll start a separate thread for the PC Black Label stuff in general - but I'll come back here and post re: avocado oil.

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                                        Loblaws Rachel has a lot of black label products with a special presentation at the end of the veggie section - the one on Sherbrooke Est has just a few.

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                                          I was just at the Provigo on Parc and Sherbrooke. They have a good number of the Black Label products-- they are interspersed throughout the store (not in one place).

                          2. Since you've posted this, I have paid attention to the oil shelves in my supermarkets, and I spotted some at the Metro on Somerled in NDG.