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Feb 23, 2012 06:59 PM

Restaurant near W. 71 St.?

We're going to a matinee this Saturday on W. 71 St. (betw. Broadway & Columbus), and want somewhere to eat afterward (probably around 4:30, an odd hour) that's nearby. We like good American and most ethnic: Chinese, Italian, Indian, Middle Eastern (though my daughter does not like Turkish), Mexican, etc. My husband rejects Thai, and I don't love Japanese. We don't want to spned too much-- probably not more than $25. p.p. (tax but not booze included).
And we would like to sit and chat a bit, so nothing like Shake Shack. Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.

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  1. I've eaten at Josie's on Amsterdam and 74th has a pretty eclectic menu so I'm sure everyone would find something they like. My favorite ethnic restaurant in that area is Nanoosh on Broadway and 68th's middle eastern. amazing hummus, salads and wraps.

    300 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023

    2012 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

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    1. re: ss03ny

      NOTE: Nanoosh is a brightly lit, fast food chainlet.

      Better in that genre and with table service - at 74th and Amsterdam - is Hummus Place.

      Hummus Place
      305 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

    2. Indie Food and Wine. I love that place.

      Maybe at cafe at Alice Tully, if they are open

      1941 Broadway, New York, NY 10023

      Indie Food and Wine
      144 W 65th St, New York, NY 10023

      1. Bello Giardino on 71st just east of Columbus could work well. It's cash only, but in your price range.

        Bello Giardino
        71 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023

        1. Cafe Ronda. Argentine/Latin.

          Cafe Ronda
          249 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

          1. Thank you all for your suggestions. I remember going to Nanoosh once years ago, and I wasn't crazy about it. And it's not the sort of place we'd want to linger. I didn't know about the Indie cafe or the others mentioned. Any hounds have opinions on any of these three: Indie Food and Wine, Bello Giardino or Cafe Ronda?
            Thanks again.

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            1. re: Lizbet

              Rhonda is probably best of the 3 but may be over your number. Also, check their hours, I have a vague recollection they don't open till 6 (for that matter, check hours everywhere). Bello Giardino is my reliable neighborhood Italian... well priced, comfortable but will not knock your socks off. Hummus Place has great hummus... but it is sorta dumpy. There is a Grand Sichuan on 74th and Amsterdam.

              Hummus Place
              305 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

              Cafe Ronda
              249 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023

              Bello Giardino
              71 W 71st St, New York, NY 10023

              Grand Sichuan
              307 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

              1. re: dyrewolf

                Cafe RONDA (no H) is open for lunch. Tapas, salads, sandwiches, burgers all within OP's budget. Both are why I recommended it.

                Takes reservations too,

                1. re: thegforceny

                  Ummm the OP mentioned they'd be getting there at 4:30 or so, that put's them on the dinner menu at Ronda. Price points are higher.

                  1. re: dyrewolf

                    Got it! I stand corrected! Thank you.

              2. re: Lizbet

                Personally, I find Cafe Ronda too loud for my taste. I suppose if the place isn't crowded then maybe it would be possible to carry on a conversation with ease. Our last visit was for brunch. Neither of us cared for our dishes. I no longer recall what we ordered, but I doubt that we will return anytime soon.

                My last meal at Bello Giardino was ages ago. I agree with dyrewolf's assessment: it's fine.

                I've probably been to Indie Food and Wine half a dozen times since discovering it a couple of months ago. I've only sampled a limited portion of the menu as sometimes I just order tea or something light. I did have dinner there recently. The duck leg confit was tasty. The side of butternut squash was just okay. I didn't finish my (generous) serving but my dining companion finished his and seemed to like it. While I think one of the reviews on menupages complained of small portion sizes for some dishes, I guess this could be an issue for hearty appetites. To me, though, I think Indie offers nice ambiance, pleasant service and well-prepared food for the price. I only wish there were more places like this in Manhattan. I hope that the cafe will do well, and I imagine they will, but I also would love to keep this find a secret!

                Hope you enjoy your meal, wherever you decide to go.


                1. re: uwsgrazer

                  fully agree on Cafe RONDA. it is loud and cramped and the food has suffered in the past year or so. i live nearby and no longer eat there. Giardino is fine. Not better or worse than that, absolutely.

                  i don't know this indie food and wine, somehow...hmmm