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Feb 23, 2012 06:30 PM

Indian in Bermuda

Just got back from a very short trip to Bermuda- didn't get to some places I had planned due to a delayed flight. I asked some staff at the hotel if there was a good Indian restaurant there - they mentioned a place called the House of India - Anyone got an opinion of this restaurant - I get the feeling it might be the only Indian place on the island so calling it the best might not be such a compliment.

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  1. I understand your skepticism. As with most small communities, the island's efforts to produce ethnic cuisine (and local cuisine for that!) is often very inconsistent. However, as far as House of India is concerned, they are first class and put out food as good as any I've had in other cities with a much larger Indian population (London, New York, Singapore, Toronto etc.). It is by no means as good as you might find in India, but I can't really think of any situation where a remote chef can replicate the taste of home without local produce, spices etc. However, the management and staff at HOI are from the region and do a very good job satisfying the palate of both locals and expats from that part of the world. If you come back, I would actually suggest you make the effort to go there first. Unfortunately, it is not located in the nicest part of town, but the restaurant itself is very clean and nicely decorated. Furthermore, I cannot think of ANY other restuarant in Bermuda that has better food, is as consistent in its finished product, has friendlier service or offers better value for the money.

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      Seconded. I've had Indian friends say it's excellent and comparable to good spots in NYC and London. My only note is that I find some of the sauces to run a bit on the sweeter side, having said that, I would gladly just drink the sauce anytime. I think they run an excellent lunch option, 16.95 lunch buffet serving about 6 different options including vegetarian dishes and a dessert.

      There are a couple of different options for Indian. In town, there's East Meets West which offers a mix of different cuisines but are stronger in their Indian offerings (I think the chefs are maybe Sri Lankan or Indian). I find their curries to be less saucy and they also offer an excellent lunch option, offering a lunch special for 10.95 which includes rices, daal, naan and 2 selections of the day (one usually chicken and the other vegetables). The other option is Upper Crust, which again, offers a mix of cuisines and I find that they're not as good on the Indian cuisine front. But again, that's just my tastes.

      Anyhooooo...hope you get a chance to try House of India one day.

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        Thanks for both answers - I will definitely be back to Bermuda soon and I will definitely be going to House of india at least once - first time to check it out on behalf of my colleagues who should be over a month or so later. I have heard it is not very large - If I had a group of 9-12 people would they fit comfortably there?

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          No problem handling a group of 9-12 people. They just expanded the premises and added a second room. Bdachow is correct, the weekday lunch buffet is fantastic value (especially for Bermuda). Regarding East Meets West...I've never been impressed and would skip it. As far as Upper Crust is concerned, the pizza is bearable (frozen crust and plastic cheese)...the Chinese and Indian options are vile. DO NOT waste your time with Upper Crust for Indian.