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Feb 23, 2012 06:14 PM

Hostaria del Piccolo

The Garganelli with butternut squash pasta dish is one of the the best things I've eaten this year. I had it three times since discovering this place and still crave it. I do need to request some parmeggiano as they don't think to offer it, and it really sends the dish into deliciousness overdrive.

I also love their Gangolo cocktail. It has vodka, St. Germain, muddled strawberries, and mint. I could drink these til the cows come home.

I love the feel of this place- lacquered wood bench tables. It's comfortable, relaxed with a smidge of posh.

The pizzas are ok, not fantastic. I like to share a pizza as an appetizer, but I will not share the Garganelli!

I enjoy this more casual outpost over the original Piccolo Venice. Piccolo Venice I had a good but uneven meal, and while the atmosphere is lovely, the food wasn't quite as good as some other Italian restaurants in the same price range.

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  1. I enjoy this restaurant too. The garganelli is good. The pizzas are OK, not fantastic (but they're much better than average in my opinion). I'm no pizza expert, but I think they probably don't have a hot enough pizza oven to make truly great pizza. The toppings are excellent though.

    1. i like this restaurant too.
      can't speak to their pizzas, though, because i always order pasta. the pastas i've been served there have been every bit as good as those that have been served to me at valentino.

      1. I took the girlfriend there for Valentine's Day and we were both happy--she because she loves Italian, and me because I grew up on the East Coast when going out to eat was either Chinese food or mediocre red sauce Italian. She was please with her bolognese, and I liked my pasta with sausage and peas. Plus, I liked the grilled calamari, and octopi still kinda weird me out. I think this is now our go-to Italian.

        1. Per Eater LA, HdP will be opening a second location on Rose in Venice.

          1. I love the pasticcio, it is amazing. I've only had pizza once and it was fine but not super memorable.