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Feb 23, 2012 05:44 PM

Donuts from tube of biscuit dough - any good?

It's all over FoodNetwork and other shows -- wouldn't it just taste like a fried biscuit with a hole in the middle even w/the glaze and fancy toppings? Anything like a donut at all? Anyone tried this?

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  1. I grew up eating these occasionally as a special treat. I can't imagine it being fancy in any way, but I have memories of it being delicious! Of course, I haven't had it in 25 years. . .

    1. I used to make them as part of a quick breakfast for the kids. I'd roll them in cinnamon sugar, and they loved them. They taste exactly as you say, and these days not one of them would touch them with somebody else's hands.

      1. Made them and rolled in cinnamon sugar as well when I was in art school long ago. They were damned good.

        Total guilty pleasure.

        1. They have them in the dessert section of Chinese buffets.
          I have made them, and they are yummy. They aren't like my homemade doughnuts, but they are a cheap, quick yummy!
          I also use them to make breakfast pull aparts, cinnamon sugar, lots of butter. I also make them as sticky buns, too. I've even done them with orange marmalade.
          Yep, trashy, cheap, quick, and no redeeming value, something a chowhound would stay far away from.
          right. yeah.

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            Like a sticky bun but with orange marmalade?
            Wow, I dig!!

            1. re: Mild Bill

              Yep, and drizzled with some icing made with orange juice and powdered sugar.
              I'm thinking of doing some right now, picked up some flaky layers yesterday because of this thread! I like the flaky layers for the pull-aparts, but use the regular ones for doughnuts.

          2. These are a huge hit year after year at the Yankee Peddler Fair in Ridgefield, CT. Teens make them for their booth. They take a little round doughnut cutter and pop a hole in the center of the biscuit, deep fry them in vegetable oil and when done roll them in sugar and cinnamon. Serve em hot. People love em and pay for em.