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Donuts from tube of biscuit dough - any good?

It's all over FoodNetwork and other shows -- wouldn't it just taste like a fried biscuit with a hole in the middle even w/the glaze and fancy toppings? Anything like a donut at all? Anyone tried this?

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  1. I grew up eating these occasionally as a special treat. I can't imagine it being fancy in any way, but I have memories of it being delicious! Of course, I haven't had it in 25 years. . .

    1. I used to make them as part of a quick breakfast for the kids. I'd roll them in cinnamon sugar, and they loved them. They taste exactly as you say, and these days not one of them would touch them with somebody else's hands.

      1. Made them and rolled in cinnamon sugar as well when I was in art school long ago. They were damned good.

        Total guilty pleasure.

        1. They have them in the dessert section of Chinese buffets.
          I have made them, and they are yummy. They aren't like my homemade doughnuts, but they are a cheap, quick yummy!
          I also use them to make breakfast pull aparts, cinnamon sugar, lots of butter. I also make them as sticky buns, too. I've even done them with orange marmalade.
          Yep, trashy, cheap, quick, and no redeeming value, something a chowhound would stay far away from.
          right. yeah.

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            Like a sticky bun but with orange marmalade?
            Wow, I dig!!

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              Yep, and drizzled with some icing made with orange juice and powdered sugar.
              I'm thinking of doing some right now, picked up some flaky layers yesterday because of this thread! I like the flaky layers for the pull-aparts, but use the regular ones for doughnuts.

          2. These are a huge hit year after year at the Yankee Peddler Fair in Ridgefield, CT. Teens make them for their booth. They take a little round doughnut cutter and pop a hole in the center of the biscuit, deep fry them in vegetable oil and when done roll them in sugar and cinnamon. Serve em hot. People love em and pay for em.

            1. If you're looking for something just as easy, but more "doughnut-like", try using pre-made pizza dough from your local grocer or bakery.

              1. It seems like I may be the lone dissenter, but I've had them when made by others and I thought they were pretty bad. The version I had was jelly-filled and I thought it tasted like mostly nothing. Maybe it was a bad brand of dough but, from someone who would eat nearly anything deep-fried, I will give these a miss in the future.

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                  Nah, I dissented too and got flamed for it.

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                    They are no good cold. They need to be hot. and eaten in your own kitchen. when no one is looking.

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                      They are terrible cold. Fresh and hot, I am ashamed to admit I would eat them.

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                      You're not alone. I like my donuts to be yeasty tasting, and these just aren't.

                    3. This is not a criticism of biscuit dough in tubes, but I do have one question: isn't it almost as easy to make a biscuit dough and just cut out the doughnuts? I can mix up a biscuit dough in 5 minutes, but I wonder, would it work the same?

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                        When I make biscuits, I get flour everywhere. I do this from time to time, mostly do the pull apart things. Usually when it's early on a weekend, I'm up, everybody else is asleep, and want to do something easy. I usually make everything from scratch. This is just a sinful junk treat. Total junk. But without the flour mess I end up with. I'm just one of those people that can't contain flour! ha!

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                          LOL. I guess the convenience is the main point. Flour all over is not the nicest way to start your day, and I'm betting you're on cleanup as well as cooking duty.

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                            Yes, usually! Even in cooking school, I ended up with flour on my face. and on the apron, and the floor, and all over the counter.... yet the results were delicious!
                            I was spoiled when I learned to cook. If I made the meal, my mom would do the dishes. Alas, it kinda worked out to make me a sloppy cook! Although I do value mise en place!

                      2. They taste good, in that they're (artificially-flavored) buttery white-flour dough that's been deep fried and usually rolled in cinnamon sugar. If you put them next to real homemade donuts, or fresh storebought donuts, no one would pick these. But they're easy and quick (and cheap).

                        A similar comparison, for me anyway, would be Papa John's (or another major chain's) pizza - is it good? Well, yes, in that I'll eat it and enjoy it well enough if it's the only option in front of me. But compare it to any "real" pizza (homemade or from a better pizza place), and the lousy quality of ingredients and lack of care in cooking it suddenly become apparent.

                        1. Way back in the early 1980s, I worked for a mom-and-pop ice cream stand, and we served these. We called them "Widgets." Some nights, we served more widgets than banana splits! And, whenever we ran out of what we bought from the restaurant supply guy, we'd run over to the grocery store and buy up all their refrigerated Pillsbury biscuit tubes. Tasted exactly the same..

                          We used our finger to poke the hole through the middle to make sure the donut cooks all the way through; the hole will close up when you fry them. Have your sugar or sugar/cinnamon ready to go (we used a Tupperware box with a lid), and when you pull the donuts out of the oil immediately put them into the topping and shake or roll. And, you must eat them fresh and hot. Something about the frying makes them lighter than if you bake them. A little bun of heaven.