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Feb 23, 2012 04:12 PM

Baltimore restaurant suggestion for budding foodies

My wife wants to celebrate finishing a big work project that has kept her from doing anything fun with me and our sons for awhile. The boys want to go to a "fancy restaurant" they have a decent appreciation of good food. As an example whenever we go to Samos they order the calamari and plow through it then brag to their classmates that they ate squid and liked it. The down side is their attention span is appropriate to their ages of 7 and 9. I would love a suggestion of some place where they would have to wear something nicer than jeans but not a long leisurely drawn out dinner experience.

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  1. Might I suggest Clementine? It's kid-friendly with good food & generally nice vibe. You'd need reservations on a weekend night.

    1. We've had great success dining with our boys (6 & 9) at Tio Pepes, La Scala, and even the Prime Rib. The key for us is that they're so busying taking everything in, they've been able to stay focused for the long meal! At Tio's, they've been fascinated by the table-side dinner preps (they've especially loved watching Spanish coffees being made), which they watch while they wait. At La Scala, they've gone downstairs and played bocce, and at the Prime Rib, they love watching the live music. If you want a quicker dinner, try Mezze-- the diverse, delicious tapas will definitely introduce them to new foods, and they come at a quicker pace.
      Enjoy your special meal!

      1. You could probably be OK at B&O Brasserie -- though my group has tended to linger through dinner there, the service is pretty prompt and could probably be fast enough for your kids.

        1. How about Catonsville Gourmet. Went a few weeks ago and food was great, especially the seafood. BYOB. Dressy casual. Kid freindly