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Feb 23, 2012 03:02 PM

Best Romantic Seafood Restaurant for a first time visit to SF

Hi all!

I'm going up to SF with my boyfriend and we both LOVE seafood (especially crab). I'm looking for the perfect restaurant that will satisfy our desire for great food, a romantic restaurant, and has a great vibe/view. Something that will make it special for our first trip there together. We arent looking to break our wallets. I'd say the $$$ price. We are staying in Union Square. I know one day for lunch we will probably go to the Wharf and eat something quick n easy so maybe a new location? Thanks!!

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  1. Farrallon is right in union square and still solid as far I know.

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    1. re: hannah

      if you must eat at the wharf, make it scomas.
      i second farrallon.

      1. re: mikeylikesit

        Second Scoma's, even if you don't have to eat at the Wharf. Ask for a window seat.

    2. You might look at the menus for La Mar, Slanted Door, and Waterbar. Most of the view restaurants in SF aren't good and with the exception of a few dives they all charge a premium for the view.

      1. The only thing I can add about farrallon is ask for a table in the front. That half of the room is nicer.

        1. If you want to get away from Union Square, check out the Cliff House. Nice room, great view, pretty good food. If you go, request a window table