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Davinci sugar free syrup?

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Has anyone tried this product -- apparently it comes in flavors and the pineapple can be used to make low-calorie pina coladas. If anyone has any experience -- or knows where to by it in the DC/Bethesda area -- I'd be interested in learning more.

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  1. sometimes TJMaxx has it. Hit or miss on flavors. I've tried it, it's not bad. Better than nothing if you are trying to cut the sugars. I haven't tried that flavor. I've used this company before (when I was atkins'ing) and they are pretty good- $5 flat rate shipping. edit: Monin also makes syrups.


    1. world market has em

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        Thanks for these quick and useful replies.

      2. Besides TJ Maxx, Ross or Homegoods stores as well. If you really want something specific in a hurry, probably best to order online. I have a pal who orders by the case as he uses them to flavor water. Monin also makes a good line.