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Oct 10, 2001 11:40 PM

Restaurants near Paso Robles

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We are going wine tasting in Paso Robles in November and would like some advice on local restaurants around that area. Even as far away as San Luis Obispo. We would like both fine dining and lunch fare. Thanks!

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  1. See my response to Deborah on the LA Board. The 2 best restaurants in Paso are Bistro Laurent and Villa Creek. I know Villa Creek has a website (I assume

    1. I haven't eaten in the area often enough to make a recommendation, but for wine tasting, let me recommend Caparone. If you like massive, traditional red wines suitable for aging, Caparone offers a wide range (Italian varieties like Brunello and Nebbiolo as well as Cabernet and a powerful, excellent Merlot, for example). In addition to producing wines of great depth and flavor, their wines are very reasonably priced--on my last visit all were under $10 a bottle. I only mention the winery because it is a little out of the way (west on San Marcos Road off of Hwy 101 about 6 miles north of Paso Robles), and the last time I was there, they were not members of the local winery advertising group, so they weren't listed in a lot of the local wine propaganda. Now if you prefer white wines or delicate and subtle reds, ignore this posting, but if my comments lead you to believe that you might like their stuff, let me encourage you to go a little out of your way and find the place. I believe that they are open everyday, but call them if you want to make sure of hours and directions.

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        Also, Grey Wolf, despite its location just off 41 West and near 101, is an excellent winery with an amiable, unpretentious staff. Norman Vineyards, North of 41 and further West, is another winery worth visiting with an unbeatable "Monster" zin and the best late harvest zin I've tasted (be sure to try it with chocolate).