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Feb 23, 2012 02:15 PM

Plymouth - in search of dinner

Will be staying frequently in the Plymouth area this year for biz. Looking for a great place for business dinners with colleagues and other more casual places for fresh seafood, sushi, etc.

Prefer quality food first, availability of adult beverages and then, anything else.

Dined at Isaacs a couple weeks ago. Enough vintage bronze, mirrors and dirty carpets to make me want to do a 180 and leave. Stuck it out and enjoyed Ipswich clams at the bar. Not bad, but once is probably enough.

Considering East Bay Grill or Sabor for an upcoming business dinner. good/bad or others to consider?

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  1. I would definitely recommend East Bay, as far as food quality and dining experience goes they are as good as it gets in Plymouth. Personally I like to just hang out at the huge bar and order some apps and a cocktails. But I have enjoyed meals in their dining room as well and they have all been fantastic.

    For something a bit more casual I'd suggest checking out Roo Bar, they've got a great wine selection and knowledgeable bartenders. In addition they try to source as many of their ingredients locally as possible. Their pizzas are top notch but I've also enjoyed many other dishes off their menu.

    If you want to go super casual, try out T-Bones. It's the closest you'll get to quality barbecue in that area. They've also got an awesome and incredibly cheap breakfast menu.

    For sushi I'd try New Tokyo, they've got the best selection but can get busy in the evenings. It's worth the wait.

    As tempting as it seems steer clear of Sam Diego's, they used to be a top notch mexican restaurant but have taken a turn for the worse in recent years. This also applies to Percy's Place, which used to be an awesome breakfast/lunch joint but lately seems to just not really care about their food or service.

    Trying to think of some other good meals I've had in Plymouth... You could try Cafe Strega for a more upscale Italian meal, they also make fantastic cocktails. I've never tried Sabor, but I've heard good things and they've been around long enough that they must be doing something right.

    Hope that helps?

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    1. re: WorldWarMichael

      Thanks for the great reply. Very much appreciated.

      I was curious about New Tokyo. Do they have a sushi bar or bar for drinks and dining - or is it all teppanyaki grill seating? Pics on their website only show the grill area. I was hoping for a place similar to Baba sushi in Worcester.

      1. re: Foody4life

        Yes they do have a bar area in addition to the grills, the restaurant is split into two rooms, one for the grills and the other is a large bar/dining room. There are a few choice bar seats at the very end right in front of the sushi chefs, they'll often whip up random free things for you to snack on as long as they're not too busy.

    2. I heard about this place, but haven't been in Plymouth yet to try it: Might be good for a casual business dinner.

      1. Yes, other than the view, Isaac’s is truly wretched.

        East Bay is fine. I don't find the quality stacks up to the pricing but it's pretty popular with the locals and tourists alike giving it a lively feel. In the summer months the outdoor patio and bar is open and it's nice to sit outside during off hours for a faux-Caribbean vibe with cocktail in hand at either the bar or on the Adirondack studded lawn…but during the dinner rush or when there’s a function in the tent it's a total zoo. The menu hits all the right spots from steaks to seafood, so it does serve as a crowd pleaser. The food however is not very polished and I always feel like I'm eating at a Legal's Seafood meets Joe's bar and Grill. Nothing wrong with those places but East Bay is a bit corporate with little creativity and so-so food.

        Across from East Bay is the Blue Eyed Crab a very casual, good value restaurant. Seafood centric menu but there are always non-seafood options. Their food seems to have some inspiration, nothing fancy but good flavors (often Caribbean or Latin). The tiny little bar is a hidden gem that secretly serves the best cocktails in town. They have a nice patio that will open in the spring giving the tiny, often difficult to get into restaurant double the seating and a raw bar.

        Behind Blue Eyed Crab is another sardine can spot named Patrizia's Italy Trattoria (huh?) In all honesty I'm not a fan. It's cramped and we have just not hit it off with Patrizia or the Restaurant. She certainly has her fans so you may want to check it out as an option. Sitting at the small bar early may be a good way to try it.

        Heading back toward the waterfront for casual fried New England fare you have a few choices like Cabby shack, The Lobster Hut, Woods Seafood and a tiny little spot called Plymouth Bay Café. I prefer the last two.

        At the other end of the waterfront, beyond the Mayflower, is Brewer’s Marina. They have a two level restaurant called Union Fish. Upstairs is the slightly upscale Bistro. Nice views of the marina, Plymouth Beach and the bay. It’s a good spot for a casual cocktail, wine or beer as long as you keep it simple. The two times I ate there the food was just meh. Downstairs is the more casual deck. Again this is a nice spot for marina watching, a drink and maybe some bar food.

        The slew of restaurants on Court/Main is not good. T-Bones for BBQ ? Maybe in a pinch. I think their demographic is the 25 year old bar crowd at night. The same goes for Main St. Sports Bar and Sam Diego’s. Sabor was good a while back but new chef new menu just doesn’t hit it like before. Roo-Bar has changed hands in the last year and not a place I’d feel comfortable recommending. There is a new place, New World Tavern (mid main street) that has 38 beers taps of some great micro’s and another 100 bottles but the food is well….improvable.

        On the outskirts of Plymouth is Rye Tavern located on the Pine Hill’s property. The same group that owns Union Fish owns the restaurant. This is an up-scale place located in a small-renovated house down some very long dark dirt roads in the middle of the woods. Possibly a bit daunting to find for anyone but a local. The food is good but the place is very loud (think tiny house with 40 people) and for me it feels like a trek to get out there.

        Sushi Joy is passable for a sushi fix. Decent hand rolls and Bento Boxes for a strip mall suburban sushi place.

        I think the place you want to look into is actually one town away. Solstice in Kingston is hands down the best restaurant in the area. I think it fits all the criteria you are asking for. Prices are similar to East Bay but the food seems more important here than the view. I find Solstice great for business dinners, date night, or special occasions. They have a nice bar that I eat at often, a great wine list, and the food has always been very good. Solstice also has a private room that I’ve attended small business dinners in and they did a really nice job.

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        1. re: T.Clark

          perfect. thanks, will definitely check out Solstice as well.

          1. re: T.Clark

            Agree that Solstice is the best in the area. Thanks for the recommendation.

            Dinner last night was very good. Only hiccup was the servers refusal of a request to change the rice served with the tuna for cauliflower puree offered elsewhere on the menu. She said the chef wouldn't do it because it would compromise his dish?! OK, we'll play by the chef's rules and mind our manners next time. Look forward to future dinners here.

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              T.Clark, just want to thank you so much for recommending The Blue Eyed Crab. We drove down from Boston to Plymouth today to meet up with some old frends vacationing nearby, and because of you, we were all lucky enough to have a delicious dinner. Good thing we made reservations (Thurs night late August) because they were slammed all night. And I can understand why. This place goes into the category of "Neighborhood Gem". Not being a fan of fried seafood shacks (except for The Clam Box a few times a year) it was your mention of 'some inspiration' that got me to pull up the menu and see the Latin, Caribbean etc.influences you mentioned.

              Our entrees were:( Portuguese style spicy)Seafood Stew , Seafood Risotto, Scallops with Lime Cilantro sauce, Clam Chowder,and Fried Calamari. Not a mote of food went uneaten; everyone was pleased as could be. Generous portions, highest quality fresh seafood cooked perfectly, all robustly flavored. Some fun bar drinks and good beers for our young friends. And when their toddler got restless, there was a lovely quiet courtyard area w/ gazebo and benches and , off on the side, those 2(out of place?) children's car and mini merry- go- round rides (which entertain a 2 yr old even w/o the coins!). Next time I def want to eat outside; the water-facing patio (water in the distance)was really attractive, surrounded by lush tall ornamental grasses(and no gross music.)Even though the patio sits right above Water St., it is down at the very quiet northern end of the street.

              The only negative of the evening was our waitress -who was probably just over-worked, but we had the longest waits for our drinks and food- that i've had about anywhere. Even if the small kitchen was backed up, she just didn't seem to have it together to quickly get us water or SOMEthing to keep us from feeling so neglected (and the toddler from getting noodgey(sp.).

              On our way out, I went up to thank the chef , only to find that he is Jim Casey, also the owner of the Red Eyed Pig in West Roxbury! (He and his wife split the running of the 2 places.) We had met him when we ate there soon after they opened, earlier this year. A wicked hard working guy to be sure. So thank you again, t.clark. Never would have known about it w/o your CH posting!


            2. How about Tuscany Tavern? Haven't been for a while, but the last time I was there it was great. I'd recommend it.

              1. I agree with a lot of what T. Clark says. There is nothing great in Plymouth but you can have a decent meal. Solstice is good for the area. I give them credit for at least trying to aim higher than most in the area.