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Feb 23, 2012 01:54 PM

The Federal Food Drink & Provisions

The Federal Miami is now open; has anyone been and have some thoughts? The menu definitely looked enticing -- like a mix of "snout to tail" ethos and retro Southern dining with a dash of Reader's Digest cookbook thrown in. Excited to check out it, but I'd love to hear some details from any early adopters.

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  1. I went when they first opened up. I enjoyed the jar o duck and their home made pies the most. They did not have their full menu then. I will go back.

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      Liked the duck as well. Also the boar sausage w mash. Cheese plate is great and served at the proper temperature which is rare to find.

    2. Been a few times now. Have really enjoyed the biscuits (either plain or with sweetbreads & gravy), the "pig wings," the scallop crudo, the boar sausage. Pretty good lamb burger, short rib potpie. Some stuff goes too sweet for me - i.e., the "jar o duck" is good rillettes but I don't need marshmallow & sweet potato with it. Nice atmosphere for what is a pretty nondescript strip mall space. Menu is a bit too heavy - there's not much that isn't kind of deadly and especially when we get into the 9 months of Miami summer it may be tough to find things you want to eat.

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        Gotta disagree on the jar o duck. I really like the contrast.

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          I agree with Frod "there's not much that isn't kind of deadly and especially when we get into the 9 months of Miami summer" however I went on a chillier night 2 weeks ago & thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The federal salad was amazing with local lettuces that were very unusual and quite tasty. The salad was light & refreshing especially in juxtaposition with the cheesy biscuits & lamb shank that we ate, which were absolutely delicious. The lamb was a standout. We had the fisherman's chowder, which I found a bit boring and pricey for what it was. All in all, a great dining experience and a bit different then the typical Miami-fare. Worth a visit or two, make sure you are in the mood for some heavier food.

          1. re: hab

            I should have mentioned it is a very nice salad as such things go.

        2. They have been on The Best New Restaurant on bravo and consistent comments on the biscuits. Anyone have that recipe?