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Feb 23, 2012 01:34 PM

North Conway dining for fussy post-menopausal matriarchs

Hi Hounds, It's Girls Weekend (we use the term"girls" liberally) in No Co & we're looking for good dining preferably a place that uses local &/or fresh ingredients & healthy carb friendly for our diabetic friend. Thanks all, Oopboromom

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  1. Oopboromom, I recommend May Kelly's Cottage. Some of the fare is not carb-friendly (shepherd's pie), but the salads are terrific, the meats are local (or in the case of Irish specialties, shipped daily from an Irish butcher in Boston).

    I love the Irish Mixed Grille, and the servers are excellent about making healthy substitutions; for example, in lieu of potato, I get grilled tomatoes; in lieu of the white pudding (sausage), I get a couple extra lean steak tips. All of the vegs, from those in stew, to side dishes, to salads, are's not just a Meat-and-potatoes place. Have a good time!