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Feb 23, 2012 01:28 PM



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  1. Among my breakfast faves: Fox & Goose for English-style pub food, or Market Club (on 5th Street in the wholesale produce market) for stick-to-your-ribs breakfasts.

    1. Tower Cafe. They have a wide selection of breakfast/brunch options from various cuisines. French toast is supposed to be amazing, but Ive never actually tried it, everything else on the menu looks too darn good. It can get pretty busy, especially on the weekends, so expect a short wait. Its worth it though.

      1. Orphan Breakfast House serves excellent breakfasts that are delicious and beautiful. I also really like the breakfast at Cafe Bernardo, where the amaretto french toast is some of the best you will find anywhere. For the best eggs benedict, try Crepeville which also has a wide selection of crepes and omelettes.

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          Fox and Goose is not a fave of mine at all.....nor Tower. sorry. I've never tried Orphan but I would highly recommend Magpie on R for bkfst. Great, fresh, seasonal food. I agree with Cafe Bernardo...a Green resto with fresh, seasonal foods and great local purveyors. I love their chicken apple sausage with eggs and some of their house made chili verde..ask for it on the side. I thought Market Club closed..but hope I am wrong. Love to eat there before hitting the Farmers Market.

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            Orphan and Cafe Bernardo on Capitol..and Magpie.

          2. oh..One Speed too. Owned by same chef who has The Waterboy. It's just a way's down Capitol..turns into Folsom. GREAT breakfast!!! Their taco truck bkfst is sooo good.

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