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Oct 9, 2001 03:23 AM

San Luis Obispo, 11 October

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I will be in San Luis Obispo on Thursday evening and would prefer to dine at a restaurant participating in the October 11 benefit. The only SLO restaurant listed on the Windows of Hope web site is Pizza Solo, which doesn't on the face of it sound like the kind of place I had in mind. Does anyone know Pizza Solo, or have other recommendations, participating or not? I'll be driving up from LA so would also be interested in recommendations en route, especially if they are close to SLO. I would also consider driving a bit further for the right meal (I'll be completing the trip to SFO the next morning). Thanks.

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  1. Thursday night in SLO was farmers market night and the main street was alive with all kinds of gorgeous produce, entertainment and political and enviormental groups. I'm sure you'll be able to chat up someone at the market to find out who is participating. Blue Sky Cafe seems to be the kind of place that would be involved. I haven't been there in over a year but it was a fun and has an ecclectic menu. Good luck

    1. A new Italian place just opened, they have a very successful location in Santa Ynez, and this is their second location.
      They're located at 1040 Broad, and I'm pretty sure they
      will be participating. The owner used to work with Michael Lomanico, the chef at Windows on the World.