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The Butchers, worst experience ever!!

My husband got me some vouchers last year, they expired yesterday, so I called to see if I can use the amount I paid for (not the voucher amount). Half way through speaking -and I was speaking nicely, the guy blew up on me, calling me ignorant among other rude things then he hung up on me, and refused to pick up when I called again. I really don't know where his rudeness was coming from. I've NEVER had such an experience with ANY shop, so I'm really shocked by his response.

I don't know don't how this shop is going to survive with the way they are treating other people.

Keep your money -don't buy from them!!!

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  1. Sorry you had to deal with this. Based on your experience, I will avoid this place. Manners count. This was unacceptable. Hang in there.

    1. You are not the only one. They have also recently changed their name to Marlon's Meat (http://www.marlonsmeat.com/


      Here is a lengthy review on the place and their practices.

      Also this thread at red flag deals

      I also believe the coupons will be valid until labour day this year (2012), but I can't find a link to prove it.

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        Flying101, that's one of the stories out there, but I spoke with Marlon a few weeks ago and at that point he was either going to refund the purchase value or people may have to get refunds from the coupon sellers themselves....good luck with either of those scenarios. Some litigation was apparently about to commence with one of the deal companies. What a screw up. I managed to redeem most of the ones that I had, but still have a couple to go.

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          Ya it was posted on their old website, however their new site does not mention anything about the coupons.

      2. Hardly a revelation.

        Should have checked the earlier threads here.

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          Yes but people still go. As long as they get their meat, they don't care who they deal with or how that person treats the community. Mind boggling!

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            Mind boggling indeed. Their response defies logic... They treat people with such awful and hostile attitude and expects business?? I read about their dodgy claim of the meat being organic and the shrinking sausage on trueler, so maybe they were being defensive, maybe they hung up on me because they dont want me to ask further questions. Not getting the meat is probably a blessing in disguise... If they think they can have a clean slate just by changing their name, they are SO wrong.

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            You're right and lesson learnt! But husband bought the vouchers... We didn't grow up in Toronto so every once a while he'll get some vouchers and by that we explore outside of where we normally go. But my goodness, it was a real shock. I've never had the experience of being yelled at by a store owner in any country. Sigh... There is a first time to everyhing...

          3. To that note I've purchased many vouchers including what was the friendly butcher (now the meat dept) and I had a great experience there as well as other vendors and restaurants. Sure one never knows if a business may go under during the time a voucher is valid but that is a risk one takes.
            From what I've read this is one particular vendor who is a terrible, dishonest business man. This is not the norm. Just my two cents.

            1. We tried to redeem what was left of a groupon yesterday too. He told us that he doesn't take those things anymore, and we should get a refund from the company we bought it from (note - I got a refund for a few of them, but this one was half used). Then he offered to discount the steaks we had planned to buy since we had gone "all the way there". We walked out of the store and won't be back.

              1. interesting, my cousin in ottawa was telling me about a butcher's in ottawa (i don't remember the name) that may go out of business because they got carried away selling groupons for $200 worth of meat for i think $60 or $70 bucks. they put a hold on the groupons so you can't redeem until may, so they can try to recover a bit in the meantime.

                it's amazing how many small businesses are unable to do math!