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Feb 23, 2012 01:05 PM

Help: need good croissants for a brunch but don't want to pay $2.50/each. Ideas?

West LA area preferred as I'll need to buy very early this Sunday AM.

I need around 25. Are Costco and Trader Joe's frozen my only options?

Please help!!

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  1. Amandine has the best croissant I've had in SoCal. Their's cost $1.95 to take out, and their smaller sized are about $1.35. You'd best order ahead for such a large order.

    1. I went to KA donuts in the mall at the intersection of Tyrone Ave and Ventura Blvd in the Valley for my morning carbs. They sell decent croissants. Nowhere near as good as Petrossian in NYC, but decent. They want $1.60 ea, and need 24 hour notice. Hope this helps you

      1. I thought Costco had fresh ones. At least I've seen them there.(West L A) Maybe you could call.....

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          Costco's are made fresh daily in each store's bakery and you can find them next to all those giant muffins and not far from the lifetime supplies of mayo.