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Feb 23, 2012 12:47 PM

Park on Victoria wonderful

King had a soft opening this week that knocked Westmount's socks off. I went to lunch there today after a friend of mine raved about their Bibomap earlier this week.The restaurant was full except for one spot at the Bar. A full restaurant at Lunch on the fourth day open usually spells disaster. But this brand new restaurant handled the crowd as if they had been in business for 20 years.
The restaurant is the creation of Chef King (ex Sushi Chef at Kaizen) the restaurant is a combo of Korean, classic Japanese and Izakaya.
I chose the $15 Bento Box for lunch. My box contained a delicious crab roll, a Japanese flavored "Cobb Style Salad",Grilled Shrimps with Red Peppers and Brussel Sprouts and Chicken Balls ( Not what you might think) on a bed of super tasty Quinoa salad.
The staff was super helpful and when I told them I can't wait to come back for Dinner they told me to try the Omakase Dinner which is the Chef's choice of the run of the menu and more off menu creative delicacies.
This is a restaurant that must be tried before it gets Kaza type line ups!!

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    1. Sounds good! Got an address? Thx!

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        I think the OP is confused about the name. The former Kaizen sushi chef with a new restaurant on Victoria is Antonio Park.

        Restaurant Park
        378 Victoria
        (514) 750-7534

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          It's not very visible, still got the old store banner (Vic Market) upthere, and "drapes" in windows (making it difficult to see it there is actually something there).


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            I went by earlier this evening, and there was someone at the bar setting up, so it's finally open, but there are still drapes over the windows, and no signage...

      2. My mistake it is Park on Victoria named after Chef Antonio Park as mentioned by Snackhappy.
        Sorry doing too many things at the same time.

        1. went last night for dinner, had the 85$ tasting. very slow service (waited 30mins+ between the first and second course) and they forgot a course. kinda complained and everything was prompt after. chef came up to talk about the 2 sushi dishes and seemed apologetic. place hasn't really opened officially, so I'm assuming a lot of the kinks will be worked out with time.

          first course was standard broccoli soup.. extremely bizarre choice, neither japanese nor korean

          second course was a salmon "terrine" which was nothing special

          third course was raw red pepper stuffed with bibimbap. interesting concept but would have been better if the pepper was cooked imo. again nothing special

          fourth course was two kinds of nigiri.. seared salmon and "accupunctured" red snapper. red snapper was delicious.

          fifth course was a hamachi crudo with shiso and japanese pear.. also delicious, but could have done without the "truffle oil" though. really hate that stuff.

          sixth course was a sliced beef bavette which was just ok.

          dessert was a pretty standard etagiere cake with black sesame ice cream

          total with 5 drinks was close to 300$. kind of expensive for what you get. still hungry after.

          seems his strength lies in the sushi preparations (obviously). would have liked there to be a selection of sushi/sashimi/crudo on the menu, perhaps they will do this in the future. the a la carte menu is pretty barren, no sushi on it. pretty much forced to get tasting menu.

          1. Stopped for lunch.

            Good food, bibimbap (with salmon) was good (I don't have a frame of reference) tasty and filling.

            Everything else that I saw also looked good.

            I will surely go back for lunch (I work nearby), but it's a bit too far from home for dinner .

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              I also went for lunch last week on the final day of the "soft opening". I had the Bento Box - it was good, but the "hot" items were lukewarm at best - a bit disappointing as the restaurant wasn't busy. Oddly, the sushi that was part of the Bento box didn't include any wasabi.

              They also gave out a bowl of complimentary soup, which was good, but the ceramic spoons are dreadful. Way too thick and too wide, making it impossible to eat the soup without drooling it. My dining companion had the same problem. I mentioned it to the waitress.