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Oct 8, 2001 08:37 PM

Restaurants in Ventura

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Any suggestions for great restaurants in Ventura? Just got season tickets for a playhouse in Ventura....need reasonable hotels and great restaurants.

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  1. There is a new Rest. (which use to be there a bit ago) called the Scotch & Vent. harbor - excellent. Tony's on Thompson small but excellent as well. Hungry Hunter always good too.

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    1. re: MARY JANE

      Have you tried a search? There have been a couple of Ventura strings (I was one of the contributors) under "Los Angeles."

      Just go up to the top right of the opening page where it says "Search" and enter "Ventura."

      Otherwise, I'm sure the people at Rubicon have all sorts of recommendations, and -- I believe -- they at least used to have a tie-in with the Pierpont Inn. You could ask them.