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Feb 23, 2012 11:46 AM

The Copper Door and its BS reservations policy

Was excited to try The Copper Door in Bedford NH.

Saw that it only takes reservations for 6 or more.

Went there on a Sat nite. The place was wall-to-wall with people willing to endure a 2 hour wait... 2 hours standing like packed sardines.

What a donkey show. I won't bother with this place until this situation becomes sensible. It is just flat out stupidly CUSTOMER HOSTILE to have a policy that creates a 2 hour cattle call

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  1. The corollary to that is when the place no longer has a two hour wait, you'll wonder why the food is so bad.

    Find 5 friends.

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      From all I've heard you're probably better off. Go a mile down the road to Tek Nique instead.

    2. If people are willing to wait for two hours, why take reservations?

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        Exactly. If you have a line it's bad business to take reservations. You do not turn nearly as many tables and you piss people off even more if their reserved table isn't ready or if they're asked politely if they could finish up as a party is waiting for their table.
        My dream restaurant to own would be one where people are willing to wait 2 hours for a table.

      2. I went to this restaurant recently (did not have to wait very long for a seat at the bar) - I wanted to wait until it calmed down from it's open. The place was really nices. I loved the bar! BUT the food was extremely bland. I had the calamari - it had way too much to it and no flavor. My steak fries could have been good except they were undercooked. Another couple at the bar were not happy with how the bartnder made their drinks down to the food.
        I have heard from various friends that the food needs some work but, I will try the place again soon and hope it will have gotten better.