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Feb 23, 2012 11:33 AM

Loved the new Four Seasons restaurant

We enjoyed eating at the new Allium which just opened in the Four Seasons. It was a great vibe and everyone could not have been nicer to our family. The lunch and dinner menu are very approachable.... Hightlights were the pulled bbq chicken sandwich, the famous "best hot dog ever" (with homemade ketchup, mustard and relish), and the crispy kale salad on butternut squash puree with hazelnuts... Good drinks and fun people watching... Highly recommended....

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  1. Thanks for the report. Do you think it's a "must try" for an out of towner? I think it replaced a Michelin starred restaurant called Seasons.

    I'm going through this thread but am open to other suggestions. I've already made reservations at Alinea and Charlie Trotter's. Thanks,

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      If you're going to Alinea and Trotter's, then no, skip Allium. No matter what it is, it's not on their level.

      I haven't tried Allium, but I have been to Deca at the Ritz. I'm really disappointed that two of the best hotel/restaurants in the city have completely dumbed down their dining venues to "approachable" standard fare you can get anywhere. What makes it doubly bad is that both are owned and operated by the Four Seasons, so this is clearly a unanimous strategy moving forward. That said, my dinner at Deca was very nice but not nearly as nice as the private dining room resto they used to have. And with Allium, gone is the great Seasons' Sunday Brunch and lounge overlooking Le Boule Mich. The best brunch in the city now belongs to Sixteen. Okay, sorry, end rant.

      P.S. Even the Four Seasons new website looks like a Kimpton or W website.

      1. re: grimaldi

        I think it is helpful to eat at a restaurant before providing feedback. One of our top "20" dinners was in Toronto surrounded by Big Boy statues... Susar Lee was on to something.... The food we had at Allium was approachable but not standard.... In fact we ended our tour de force multicourse tasting at Aviary with a hot dog at Allium... Perfect ending to an amazing night.... BTW the Sunday brunch looked fabulous... We ordered off the lunch menu and had a wonderful hamburger with egg and a hanger steak with frites that could be cut with a fork... My carnivore husband is still raving.... I'm sure there are better options if you are dead and in heaven.

        1. re: grimaldi

          Sixteen is an acquired taste, good food, but super rich and pretty stuffy atmosphere. I'd have to go with RIA by far for best hotel meal.

      2. Thanks for the tip about Allium. I'm coming to Chicago and June, and really love the dinner menu. Mmmm.. Celeriac and Apple Soup.... They may not have that in June, but sounds great.