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Feb 23, 2012 10:28 AM

Looking for Group Meal with Lost of Restrictions - Here's a Challenge

I have the challenge of selecting restaurants for a group of guys who have a mixed bag of dietary restrictions - several have allergies (peanuts, fish) - so asian food and sushi are out, some others are kosher so meat is out (unless there are other options).

On the whole, the group would prefer cheap (50 bucks pp) but could be talked up to 100 for the right place.

We tentatively have a reservation at the Palm Steakhouse with a set menu that hits about 100 bucks and includes 3 courses and a few drinks each. I don't know if this is a good deal or if there are other and better steakhouses in that range (with a fish or vegetarian option for kosher people)

I am having trouble dealing with these restrictions as this is not the type of food that I want to eat if I went to vegas (I'd book e, sage and lotus of siam).

I suppose we could do Italian - what is the best out there in this range? The last time I went to Otto I thought it had finally gotten more expensive than it was worth but it's an option.

Anything else creative that one could recommend?

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  1. What about a tapas-y place like Julian Serrano or Jaleo? The price could be tailored to fit what people are comfortable spending, and the menu is big enough that everybody should find a few things they'd like to share.

    I also know that Scarpetta has a whole separate vegetarian menu, but that might be pushing your budget.

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      Thanks - I now have the Scarpetta menu in-hand - and it's not as crazy as I thought it would be. problem with the tapas places are that it's hard to get around fish and meat (and those are the best things on the menu).

      I think the focus has to be Italian - right now I have reasonable options with Otto and Scarpetta - anything else working looking at?

      1. re: glickjor

        Some other options I suggest are Valentino and Sirio. Both Italian as well and both great. Scarpetta is also very good.