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Feb 23, 2012 10:16 AM

Private dining on the strip

I've been tasked with finding a suitable restaurant for an evening meal in Vegas. I have friends coming in from out of the country, getting married, and they'd like somewhere decent for a meal that evening. They don't need wedding cakes or anything over the top, just somewhere comfortable with agreeable food.

The kicker is that ideally they would like a private room, to give a few speeches and the like. My gut feeling is that for their ideal spending spending range (of $100 a head) its a complete non starter for a private room. I thought I'd check with you good folks here first, before heading down a fruitless path.

It would be for 12 people, in early April probably around 8pm. I thought of places like Bouchon and Mon Ami Gabi, but I've a nagging feeling the minimum spend is going to be triple if not more for private dining. Am I right/wrong?

Many thanks for any input and guidance in advance.

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  1. I would definitely call Mon Ami Gabi. There is one beautiful long table that would be perfect in size for your group. What I don't remember is whether there is a sliding door that makes it totally private or not, but even if it isn't, I think it would be possible to have some privacy, although noise could be a problem. I asked about it a long time ago and at least at that time, there was no extra charge for it, and you can definitely live it up at MAG for $100 pp. It won't be a meal of a lifetime, but in my experience, the kitchen does a decent job and service is better than that.

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      Thanks Dave I will get in touch with them. Definitely doesn't need to be a meal of a lifetime for sure, just somewhere decent :)

    2. Here are a couple of others that can be a fit - food that will not break the bank, and nice settings:

      P. J. Clarke's in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace (the "Sidecar").
      Canaletto in the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian (five different private rooms).