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Oct 4, 2001 04:24 PM

Eureka dining

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I will be coming to Eureka area from Connecticut the end of October and would greatly appreciate any feedback about places to eat in and around the area.. Thanks to anyone taking the time :)

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  1. Adam, I saw some postings for Eureka on the Northwest board, folks heading down the coast from Seattle, through Oregon and ending up in Eureka.

    1. This has been the most exhaustive thread on the area that I've seen (see link below).

      DO NOT miss The Flour Garden.


      1. People are talking about Hurricane Kates in oldtown, haven't tried it myself. Lunas has good dine in Mexican. Tomasos for decent informal italian. The Marina at woodley island is not bad, with nice view of harbor. Order the fresh fish. I would avoid both the brewpubs for food. The Fresh Freeze has great burgers and shakes. I've heard good things about The Sea Grill, haven't been there either. The Rib Room at the Eureka Inn has nice atmosphere, the food seems to vary year by year. Denis and Jeris in Myrtletown have inexpensive family style italian meals. In Arcata there is Abruzzi, upscale Italian and all the college town snacky fare.
        The Samoa Cookhouse is worth doing once. Lumber camp style Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Go for Breakfast.

        Also Try :