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Feb 23, 2012 10:01 AM

Looking for a vegetarian friendly, quintessentially "Toronto" restaurant open on a Sunday

Not too much to ask right?

A vegetarian (no meat, no fish, no seafood) friend of mine is visiting Toronto for the very first time, and I wanted to take him out to Lee on Sunday but they are closed.

I'm looking for something with veggie friendly options, but not exclusively veg as I need my meat.

Any help finding something that kind of sums up Toronto would be awesome.

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  1. Actually, no, it's not too much to ask! Woodlot is exactly what you're looking for. They have a separate vegetarian menu that is delicious, but a full carnivore menu that will keep you happy. They fall into that quintessentially "comfortable, slightly hip, mid-price" restaurant that seems to be Toronto's sweet spot these days. It can be hard to get a reservation, but they do have a communal table and a bar that are options for walk ins.

    And since it's at College and Palmerston, you can walk down College St. after dinner and pop in for a drink at any place that catches your fancy.

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      Thanks for the rec TorontoJo! Woodlot is pretty booked for Sunday, but encouraged me to walk in which is a bit of a risk, but I'll try it out. Worst case scenario, Grace is next door...

    2. My favourite is still L.A.B.
      Open Sunday - 'Italian with a twist'.
      Also take a look at Yours Truly.

      L.A.B. (Live and Breathe
      )651 College St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA