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Feb 23, 2012 09:41 AM

Mendoza Wineries - Where to go and How to get there [moved from Wine]


My boyfriend and I will be in Mendoza for 5 nights at the end of March. Does anyone have any recommendations for must see wineries in the area? We prefer smaller, family-owned wineries, but are definitely up for visiting anywhere that has great wine.

Also, we are staying at Cavas Wine Lodge - how difficult is it to travel to see the various wineries from this location? Would a drive be absolutely necessary each day, or can you get around via bicycle?

Thanks in advance!!

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  1. We had fun visiting the family owned (but large, pristine) winery that produces Tapiz and Zolo wines. We also stayed and ate several meals at Club Tapiz, A 19th century country home which is now a small hotel owned by the same family. Delicious and fun.

    1. You must visit Carmelo Patti, a very small, father/daughter run winery that is very, very old! Carmelo was one of the pioneers of Mendoza and has been making wines for decades. We had an intimate visit and tasting with him and his daughter, and we brought several bottles home to cellar as well. He was delightful and happily shared lots of his excellent wine with us. Note, this visit was arranged through our driver who knew him. I would try to have your hotel make an appointment for you.

      We spent a week last year, staying in the city of Mendoza. We spent one day driving ourselves around the region, then hired a driver for our other days of wine tasting so we could indulge and not worry about driving. The driver was arranged through our hotel. I would highly recommend lunch at the Ruca Malen winery and in the city of Mendoza, Azafran was outstanding.

      Enjoy - we loved Mendoza.

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        Oh, and we flew there from Buenos Aires. About an hour and a half flight, if I remember correctly.

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          Great thanks, we will definitely check it out! We were thinking about doing a driver for some of the days we were there, but were wondering if it would be possible to visit some wineries on bicycle (not sure if everything is very far apart).

      2. This previous post will be helpful:

        Also, do a search on the wine board. If memory serves, this topic has come up several times.

        1. Our favorites from our trip were Bodegas Benegas (LOVED it here), Patti, Achaval Ferrer, and Andeluna. Andeluna is actually owned by Pepsi so it's not family-owned but it definitely doesn't feel like a corporate endeavor. Azul is VERY small and very nice. Try to have lunch at Ruca Malen.
          I also have the name and email of our driver who was awesome, so let me know if you want that. I think you definitely have to drive from place to place as the wineries are quite far apart.

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            I'm going in October, and would love to get the contact information of your driver, if you still have them? Also, was he a guide and set up the tours, or just a driver?