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Feb 23, 2012 09:32 AM

Toledo Spain Restaurants

Is the traditional cuisine in Toledo Asado?
I will be there touring for a day and want to select a great restaurant for lunch. I heard about Adolfo.
I prefer a lighter cuisine - maybe Tapas -- instead of a heavy 6 course meal for lunch

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  1. I'm saving my asado meal for Segovia.

    In Toledo, I was thinking of La Abadia, Locum or Apotheca. La Abadia has a nice selection of tapas.

    1. One of the signature dishes of Toledo is partridge. You will see this on menus as "Perdiz estofada," or Perdices a la Toledana. Suckling pig will be on many menus but you can also find lighter fare on all menus. While you can certainly make a meal of tapas, you should not feel compelled to order many courses at any sit-down meal. Having said all that, I do not find Toledo to be a fabulous eating city. But perhaps I ate at the wrong spots on my visits!