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Feb 23, 2012 09:18 AM

Macaron Day Toronto: Free Macarons at Participating Patisseries on March 20

Stumbled upon this and thought it's a good chance for people to try some free macarons.

What Is Macaron Day TO?

Coinciding with Macaron Day taking place in Paris, NYC and other international cities, Macaron Day in Toronto celebrates these delicate confections in support of a local charity.

Join us on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 when participating patisseries across Toronto will come together to offer complimentary macarons to customers.

To receive your macaron, visit a participating patisserie and simply mention you are celebrating Macaron Day TO. Participating locations will provide one macaron per customer at no cost, with quantities limited by location.

Full list of participants:
Link to CH debate on best macrons in Toronto:

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  1. Thanks for the info!! Marked on calendar. Pondering how to maximize my visits...

    1. One week until Free Macarons! Where will you be going?

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      1. re: ParkerQ

        Only Petite Thuet is near my office. Too bad Brick Street is not a participant, their macarons are not bad.

        1. re: ParkerQ

          I'm planning to eat my way up the Yonge line: Petite Thuet, Patachou, La Bamboche then Ruelo. Hopefully they still have macarons in stock by the time I get there after work!

          1. re: LTL

            I uh.. vaguely had pondered taking the morning off to make my way down the line... I just figured that after the third or fourth macaraon, I wouldn't want anymore...

            1. re: jlunar

              Don't forget this is in support of a charity, the idea is not just to go get some free stuff.

              1. re: foodyDudey

                Unfortunately that message has not been at the forefront. We know how people get when they hear the word free, everything else goes out the the other ear.

                1. re: ThoughtForFood

                  Ouch, guys.

                  I know it's crazy-talk, but yes, I'm going to focus on the macaron part of the equation here. That it's for a good cause is awesome, but not why I post on Chowhound. I'm also pretty sure if you started to discuss the merits of Red Door and whatnot, you'd likely as not be modded out to Not About Food.

                  Besides, how much dessert do you think I could eat (don't answer that!)? I'd rather just take my free macarons and toss a $20 at Red Door instead. Win-win for me and Red Door. And for the place(s) with the tastiest macarons later on!

                  1. re: jlunar

                    It was more an observation of the masses, and not directed toward yourself. My bad if it came off that way. I will buy a couple at the locations I visit in hopes they make Macaron day an annual event in Toronto, but dropping a $20 for Red Door is a great idea as well.

        2. I'm gonna try La Bamboche, Butter Avenue and Rahier, heard so many good things about them gonna give it a try.

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          1. re: TheRichardX

            Make sure you also donate to the Red Door Shelter! that is what this is all about...

            1. re: ParkerQ

              Ya I did buy a few things from each shop, my favorite is Butter Avenue though, their macarons are suprisingly good! not too sweet like the others and the texture is like the ones I tried in Paris. La Bamboche is prob my least favorite, macarons are too chrunchy and the filling is like whipped cream, I don't know how can they store them in room temperature~

          2. eh.
            I'll go and i'll pay for my macarons.
            this isn't Costco. these are independent retailers trying to raise money for charity.

            1. Ruelo (Erskine): They allow you to pick one from the the $2.25 range. They will give away up to 200, may be gone by 3:00 pm was the prediction. The lychee was very flavourful, thin, crisp shell with a good chew.

              La Bamboche: They are giving away prepackaged ones. Dry, too large, cakey, no flavour - think it was raspberry - couldn't tell as it was so bland and stale.

              Unfortunately, my morning got away from me and couldn't try the rest in the hood. But bought two each from Ruelo and La Bamboche as well.

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              1. re: Degustation

                Finished the rest that I bought - definitely an inconsistency issue with La Bamboche. The one they gave out was stale and dry. The pistachio one was a bit fresher, more of a chew to the shells, a distinct pistachio flavour - though too sweet. The lavender (though didn't taste like lavendar), had a more delicate crumbly shell, not too much of a chew - and there was a minty flavour with chocolate ganache in the middle.

                The Ruelo (was supposed to be like a Ferrero Rocher was the description) was a bit too wet - liked it the least. The salted caramel had a very good balanced chewy, crispy shell with a deep, rich caramel flavoured creamy filling. Overall less sweet than La Bamboche.

                1. re: Degustation

                  Sigh, a good salted caramel macaron is a thing of beauty. I'm so happy Ruelo opened closer to me!

                  1. re: TorontoJo

                    +1 Just picked up1/2 a dozen + my free bee(passion fruit) from Reulo.very tasty.Never even knew about this place before this,and I live only a few blocks away..

                  2. re: Degustation

                    I was also at La Bamboche this morning. They gave me a free macaron which I was told was lavender. It didn't have any discernible lavender flavor, was too chewy, and had some sort of white cream center instead of chocolate. Of the ones I purchased, the yuzu was really good and fresher than the freebie. Looking forward to trying the salted caramel, green tea mango and mystery flavor.

                    1. re: Chatty Cathy

                      Bought a few things at each. Short lineup at petit thuet when i was there. U get to pick your own with any purchase. Patachou was prewrapped. Place was busy with am crowd as usual.
                      Nadege i was told one free if u buy one dozen. Ruelo appeared to beclosed when i stopped by erskine around lunch. Maybe i was wrong. I did liked what i bought at the times square location.
                      Overall good excuse for me to pick up a bunch of goodies on my rosedale pastry run.