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Feb 23, 2012 08:59 AM

McDonald's New McFish Bites...

Anyone tried them?

If you have...how do they compare to the Filet O' Fish?

Is the Tarter Sauce the same?

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  1. Christy-What part of the country are you finding these? I've never heard of them but would love to try them.

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    1. re: julesrules4food

      I am in Atlanta and they are available from February 23rd thru the 29th here. We are one of the test markets from what I read....that and parts of Texas.

    2. One would have thought that somebody in marketing would have advised McD's that the product name could be interpreted as a declarative as well.

      It *is* clever, though, that they've found a use for the small bits of both chicken and fish that've broken off from the larger pieces of McChickens and Filet O' Fishes.

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      1. re: annagranfors

        Right, but a year after this post we should probably point out that the name in the thread title isn't really the name of the product. It's Fish McBites, not McFish Bites.

      2. These are like the sick love child of a Ore-Ida Tater Tot and a Van de Kamp's Fish Stick.

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            sounds like that poor child needs to be adopted.

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              That sounds tasty. I hope they come to Chicago.

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                Come here little fish nuggets. You need a nice bath (in tartar sauce), then I can tuck you right in (to my mouth)

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                  I've had em Dallas and they are pretty tasty for a Mcdonalds product. They get a little mushy at the bottom in the cute little box, but have decent tasting fish in them.

            2. They taste so awesome! I love fish and this fish is no exception. They use the Alaskan Pollock or walleye Pollock that are a species of the cod family which are marine fish usually found in temperate waters of the Northern Hemisphere, with some exceptions of course. My brother’s family lives upon at Alaska, so when we come to visit them, occasionally. Fishing is a must and though we rarely catch such a Special fish, we savor it like a fine wine or like crazed hungry dog that just found a meal. McDonalds take on the fish nugget Creation known as the Fish McBites is very delicious and extremely satisfying for me and my kin. Take just like the fish nuggets we used to make when we are back there in Alaska.