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Oct 3, 2001 02:18 PM

Solvang dinner for my kids 10/2

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I am taking my kids up to Solvang 10/2 so I can particiapte in Solvang Prelude 2001. A pre-cusor to 2002's Tour De' Solvang...

Since I haven't been there in several years with my kids (twin girls) I was wondering where I should take them for dinner while we are there that might be fun for them...(and healthy me..if possible, and if not healthy at least not too heavy....)

Also any lodging reccomendations from the chowhounds
who know the area? Thanks folks!

Bob S.

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  1. Depends what they want to eat. For pizza, with big screen tvs and plenty of pinball and video games, there's Tower Pizza 805-688-3036
    For a full sit down dinner, families seem to like AJ Spur's, a western style dining hall, complete with Western memorabilia on the walls. And they get a root beer float for dessert.
    Lodging? Royal Scandinavian Inn is your best bet, the bike ride starts from their parking lot. 805-688-8000
    Have fun

    1. AJ Spurs is fun for kids but pretty hokey. I suggest you consider any one of the Danish joints in town that serve Abelskivers - little sperical pancake balls drizzled with raspberry jam and served with Danish sausage. Otherwise, try Mattei's Tavern in Los Olivos - genuine old stage coach depo, casual and decent food.

      Most accodmodations in Solvang are just motels. If cost is no object - stay at the Alisal Guest Ranch. It was really a ranch for ages and has horses and trail rides, wagon rides, etc. Also a pool and play areas for kids. You will be a hero.