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Feb 23, 2012 08:06 AM

Sake Bombing in Boston

looking for a good birthday celebration spot for group of 10-12. somewhere where we can sake bomb and be loud. china town preferable.

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  1. Just fyi, it's sake, and it doesn't rhyme with "maki" :

    Sorry for the impromptu lesson, but for some reason "saki" just...cringe-inducing for some reason.

    1. I've done sake bombs recently at Maluken in Kenmore square. I usually go there for karaoke on weekends. They have a private room you may be able to reserve.

      I also like doing flavored soju shots at Myong Dong 1st Ave in Allston. You can definitely be loud at either of these places.

      1. What, it's not pronounced like "sacky"?!

        I've seen sake bombing at pretty much every shabu joint and Korean restaurant in Chinatown. So, Kaze, Shabu-Zen, Q Restaurant, Apollo Grill, and Suishaya. Usually later in the evening, and inevitably loud.

        1. Bitsuteki on Memorial Drive in Cambridge is exectly what you are looking for. Chef tables for 12 and a very enthusiastic staff when the Saki Bombs come out.