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Sake Bombing in Boston

brianhfree Feb 23, 2012 08:06 AM

looking for a good birthday celebration spot for group of 10-12. somewhere where we can sake bomb and be loud. china town preferable.

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  1. e
    emannths RE: brianhfree Feb 23, 2012 08:11 AM

    Just fyi, it's sake, and it doesn't rhyme with "maki" : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sake

    Sorry for the impromptu lesson, but for some reason "saki" just...cringe-inducing for some reason.

    1. k
      Kinopio RE: brianhfree Feb 23, 2012 08:14 AM

      I've done sake bombs recently at Maluken in Kenmore square. I usually go there for karaoke on weekends. They have a private room you may be able to reserve.

      I also like doing flavored soju shots at Myong Dong 1st Ave in Allston. You can definitely be loud at either of these places.

      1. MC Slim JB RE: brianhfree Feb 23, 2012 08:26 AM

        What, it's not pronounced like "sacky"?!

        I've seen sake bombing at pretty much every shabu joint and Korean restaurant in Chinatown. So, Kaze, Shabu-Zen, Q Restaurant, Apollo Grill, and Suishaya. Usually later in the evening, and inevitably loud.


        1. s
          Snooch RE: brianhfree Feb 24, 2012 06:53 AM

          Bitsuteki on Memorial Drive in Cambridge is exectly what you are looking for. Chef tables for 12 and a very enthusiastic staff when the Saki Bombs come out.

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