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Feb 23, 2012 06:20 AM

Daryl's - any updates? Thinking of going....

Hi foodies -- Please let me know what your recent dining experiences at Daryl's were like. Going to George St. theater this weekend for boyfriend's birthday -- he is a wine lover, so thought this would be a good choice, but I've heard mixed reviews..... would love more input.

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  1. Overpriced. Don't expect to be full when you leave either. Drinks are shockingly expensive too, but they have just about everything you can imagine.

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      1. Regular CH posters know that I'm a big fan of Chef Arafai, so you know that I'm going to disagree with Rigmaster... I guess it depends on where you normally go for dinner.

        I left daryl thinking that the place is very attractive (AND comfortable--we loved the chairs), the pricing on par with most other upscale restaurants that we visit (I've always thought his prices are VERY reasonable for the quality of food served), and the food delicious! I can also tell you I didn't leave hungry after an app (duck meatballs!), an entree (veal), and a dessert.

        I'd say give it a try and see what YOU think!

        1. We went last night. The food was uneven. My beef carpaccio was unappealing, with some pieces of the beef thick and very fatty and darkened like bresaola. My duck confit special however was excellent. Service was very friendly and helpful. I do think $5 for 2 ounces of wine is pricey however. Overall, very uneven.

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            Thanks to everyone who responded. We did go to Daryl's this past Saturday and all of your comments were pretty accurate. The servers, while friendly and making a concerted effort, were not knowledgable enough, nor polished enough. They did try, however. We weren't advised that the wine list was on the back of the menu (altho' I guess we should have seen it), so the duck meatball appetizer came before we had our wine. The meatball appetizer was delicious, as most of you noted. Our entrees were the Pappardelle with Venison Bolognese and Crushed Chestnuts, which was very tasty (but I'm not sure the venison added anything special), and one of the night's specials - a seafood stir-fry with 'seafood' (can't remember which fish) sausage. The stir-fry could have been from a Chinese take-out - the flavor was not at all unique (mostly soy-sauce), and it was mainly rice arranged in a pancake-like round with the "sausage" slices on top. The fish sausages really didn't work for me - sausage spices with a mild fish.... Also,not an especially great presentation. Dessert was Butternut Squash-Apple Cake with Walnut-Raisin Ice Cream, which we shared - the cake was moist and the ice cream complemented it well. We chose a Chenin Blanc and a Pinot Noir 5 oz - just enough for before-theater. (normally we wouldh have sampled more).
            All in all, it seems like Daryl is a little inconsistent and they need to find more well-seasoned (ha) staff. I think ththe food was plentiful enough - we were full (and we shared the appetizer and the dessert). I'm not sure we'll return too soon, if at all, but it was certainly conveniently near the George Street Playhouse, and probably a bit less expensive than Stage Left.

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              The Star Ledger and NJ Monthly are more interested in not losing an advertiser than in actually having competent reviews.

              To say that Uproot was a top restaurant when David Viana was there is not credible.

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                While I generally agree with you about the SL and NJM, I also agreed with most of what was written in this review.