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Feb 23, 2012 06:14 AM

Burger Bar by Chef Allen in Palm Beach Gardens

I tried out the Burger Bar last weekend. I had their Beach Burger ($13.95 with fries) which has applewood-smoked bacon, swiss cheese, housemade pickle chips, and Chef Allen’s beach sauce. Beach sauce was mayo, lime juice, and a bit of mustard I believe and glad I asked for it on the side.They do offer subs of a small side salad for the fries but you can’t sub out for sweet potato fries. The burger was good but they did not ask how I wanted it cooked and it was overdone for my liking. I will make sure I tell them next time. Fries were better than average.

They have stone crab chowder, chili, fried pickles, pork belly sliders, shrimp sliders, Kobe beef hot dogs, conch fritters, truffle fries, chicken wings, crab cakes, many different types of burgers, and shakes. Up for my next visit will be The (Hot, Delicious) Mess burger smothered in aged cheddar, swiss cheese, house-pickled jalapeños, bacon, and Chef Allen’s orange-chipotle blasting sauce.

4650 Donald Ross Rd
Palm Beach Gardens 33418
Phone: (561) 630-4545

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  1. service and attention to detail is non-existent. Always amazed how a chef with a great reputation could endorse a restaurant and not make sure it was up to his standards..pathetic

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      Interesting. It was busy Saturday night--we dined a couple doors down at Coolinary Cafe. I agree with you that some famous chefs need to train their staff. I'll never dine at another Michelle Bernstein restaurant.

    2. Chef Allen had left the building about 2 months ago at this location but the Burger Bar remains. His name has been removed from the signs, menus, and Facebook page.