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Feb 23, 2012 05:38 AM

Pickle/Sauerkraut crock

I'm thinking about starting a sauerkraut project, and looking for a place I can get some inexpensive stoneware crocks to do the fermentation in. Does anyone have a source for these in the greater Boston area? It seems silly to order something so heavy online, and pay $20 to ship it...

Thanks in advance.

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  1. True Value Hardware on Salem Street in the North End carries crocks in a number of sizes.

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      That True Value is probably the best overall option and you can get cambros and commercial rubbermaid containers at Eastern Baking nearby. They are also fairly common in Portuguese markets, but there are less of them -- between Fernandes Fish Market, Girofle (getting away from this kind of stuff), and Inman Sq Hardware I think you would find one. Also think I have seen them on my most recent visit to Broadway Fish Market in Somerville.

      1. This seems like the sort of think you might be able to find in a dusty corner of China Fair. Can't say I've seen it though.

        You could also try a food-safe plastic pail and create your own lid. There are plenty of places you can pick up such a bucket for free.