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Feb 23, 2012 03:35 AM

Pats Peak Dining this Weekend

I have been invited to a condo this weekend to chill and ski near Sunapee/Pats Peak. Any amazing dining tips? My friends asked me to do the honors of planning a dinner and breakfast.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. We haven't been to Tooky Mills in downtown Hillsboro in quite some time. I've been trying to get there and hope mussels are on the menu. Great bread basket, too.
      If you feel like doing take-out, there's a barbecue place just as you are entering town. It will be on your right after you go past The Tide. Can't remember the name. It's in an old building with just some basic tables. Ok to eat there for lunch but I don't think it's nice enough for dinner esp if you feel like someplace warm and cozy with a liquor license.

      What town is the condo in? Sunapee and Pats Peak aren't very close.

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        If you don't mind driving, you should consider heading east to Manchester and dine at Republic Cafe. Also, my friends (who are foodies) love Mint Bistron (also in Manchester). My wife and I haven't tried Mint yet, but we've heard great reviews from everyone who has been there.

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          thanks the trip was postponed..all recs are really appreciated for next time..

      2. Daniel's in Henniker is a nice, cozy spot with River views.