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Feb 23, 2012 01:54 AM

Matt Murphy's Recently?

This has completely fallen off my radar. We used to really like the roast duck and pasnip cake there. I am surprised I never see it mentioned on CH. Isn't it still good food? i wanted to link a website but they don't seem to have one. here's the menu. some really nice plates and sandwiches as well. Plse chime in!thnx.

can't find any hours listed for lunch and dinner

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  1. I like Matt Murphy's and their cozy atmosphere. The food isn't going to blow anyone away but it's good and I've always had very friendly service. I'm not crazy about their most recent renovation (they seem to repaint the inside once a year) but at night it's still very cozy.

    I like the brown bread they serve and you can't go wrong with some of the staples (fish&chips, shepherds pie). I find their food can be a bit bland, but hey it's Irish food what do you expect? (Zinger!) But it's all reasonably priced and is a good weeknight dinner. It's also a great late night spot because it never gets too crowded. I love their selection of Irish whiskeys and they do a great whiskey service, giving you a glass of whiskey neat and then separate glasses of ice and water to add to your liking. Solid beers and cheap wine. I wouldn't recommend cocktails there.

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      I have not been in years, but they used to have a great brunch.

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        Because the fish and chips gets such good reviews, I went there with high hopes and wasn't disappointed food-wise. Their sausage roll appetizer is pretty good. The fish and chips were good too but very similar to The Druid so given MM is a bit of a hike for me I wouldn't go there again when I can go to The Druid.

        I found the atmosphere a bit weird, this being after a recent renovation. It feels more "wine bar" than pub, with a lot of candlelight and cheesy music. The cash only policy is IMO unjustifiable considering that the prices are fairly high.

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          I generally agree: convivial atmosphere, service that makes you feel welcome, somewhat sloppy food that can be quite good but can also be just ok.

          It's interesting to see how places develop. That spot began as a coffee bar which bought the bar from a place in northern Michigan. That place was never busy. When it become Matt Murphy's the kitchen was the size of a sink and they only produced simple but tasty bar food. They used to lend boots when the weather turned bad, like in Ireland. The music was originally more of a real Irish bar with people standing all over, jammed together and drinking. I think they'd even clear the tables to the side. But that isn't the US so it became more of a restaurant.

        2. recently went for lunch to try the famed rabbit pot pie and was disappointed to learn that it's no longer on the menu

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            I had lunch there in early January. Had an excellent lamb burger. Really top notch.