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Feb 23, 2012 01:33 AM

Coeliac in Notting Hill [London]

Does anyone have a decent rec for a coeliac friendly lunch in Notting Hill?
Short notice, but I'm going to be there with my dad who's a coeliac tomorrow.

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  1. Pretty good part of town for gluten free noshing:

    - Taqueria's menu is mostly gluten free, the staff are also generally highly knowledgeable about gluten (though the odd one may have to go talk to the manager). They are on westbourne Grove

    - E&O which is pan-asian has a gluten free menu (it's closer to Ladbroke Grove tube); I haven't tried it yet but sounds promising (no gf menu online unfortunately tho)

    - The hummingbird bakery on Portobello has gluten free cupcakes, though oddly the vanilla gf ones are better than their red velvet cupcakes. (though in my pre-diagnosis days I never thought their rv cupcakes were all that anyway)

    -Otto pizza just off Westbourne (not far from Taqueria) has gluten free pizza. I haven't had it yet as their warnings put me off initially, but I hear it is good and they make all the efforts they should they are just honest about it

    I've also had good gf dining experiences at The Electric Brasserie, but I choose something that was likely gf anyway and had to do the whole song and dance about possible cross-contamination. People tend to have mixed impressions of this place, but it is always better mid-week.

    I also think their is a vegan deli place that has some gluten free food, but I think it may be more of a lunch counter than a place that you could sit and eat. The vegan place is on Portobello nearly under the overpass.

    I think that's about it, as far as I'm aware of...

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      Brilliant, thanks for the recs.