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Feb 22, 2012 07:51 PM

Flipside - handcrafted, half-pound, ground-in-house burgers and bodacious beer-battered onion rings ... vegetarian friendly [Lakeshore, Oakland]

Flipside has the soul of a classic 50's burger joint with zero kitcsh.

It is not the look. It is the sensibility. Solid burgers, fries and shakes (or malts if you prefer)

There was something about that burger that transported me back to Cinderella Burgers where we'd stop on the ride home from my grandmother's.

Flipside is not a destination but as good as it gets in a neighborhood restaurant

Lakeshore Blue burger on a signature classic bun- good. this place does onions well

Black and white shake - good but blended

Frings - half fries/half onions rings - ok fries ... onion ring hall of fame

Dill pickle - ok enough

Big burger ... big. Very generous portions.

Three bun/bread options including Texas toast. Eighteen topping choices. Four types of fries


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  1. Former Adam's Burger location. Pretty good. Still working out some kinks.

    They asked me if Medium-Well would be fine and I requested Medium-Rare. It came about Medium-Well, but still had some juiciness and the patty had good beef flavor.

    I liked the toasted signature classic bun. It was, for lack of a better word, sturdy. This is my big complaint about places like Val's Burgers in Castro Valley where their wimpy bun disintegrates under the onslaught of burger juices.

    Onion rings were also very good, but the bottom few were oil soaked from too little drainage before plating.

    1. impressed by the classic burger. (7.95) skipped fries/salad, so 6.95
      had (sweet) house sauce, large crunchy pickle, red onion slices, tomatos)

      -ordered medium rare, came out reddish meat, little juiciness
      some gristle and spotty dryness in meat.
      large portion (1/2 lb). on sturdy bun. bun didn't fall apart.
      burger way better than kwik way, not as good as 510 nor trueburger.

      lots of burger varietals as well as non meat options. shakes (double rainbow), fries, onion rings also available.

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      1. re: shanghaikid

        they're using a flat top griddle ? the grill maestro has to be pretty deft working with 1/2 lb. dollops to get med-rare consistently. [the meat has to be kept cold and its starting temp. is a big variable] trueburger is 1/4 lb. ? getting that med. or med. rare is more straightforward. if flipside is serving 2x the meat portion for 1.00 more, the grade of beef might also be different from trueburger.

        1. re: moto

          Not griddled; patty had grill marks.

          Yes, True Burger is 1/4 lb. It's a $2 difference ($4.95 for regular burger @ TB vs. $6.95 @ FS).

          Both use certified Angus from unnamed suppliers. FS says animals raised with "strict husbandry principles" and hormone & antibiotic free. Nothing specific from TB.

          Mua does a very good job with med-rare with their 1/2 lb patties.

          1. re: drewskiSF

            Flipside's burgers come with a choice of fries or salad, Trueburger charges $2.50 extra for fries.

            Mua's burger is great. At $12 (including fries) it better be.

        1. Ate there earlier this week--

          Sweet potato fries were crispy and spicy -- thinner than Barney's and punchier. I didn't drench them in ranch the way I usually do and, while on the thin side, they were still moist enough to eat by the handful.

          Curly fries were tender, moist and slightly sweet (in a good way) with a delicate crust.

          The onion rings are delicious -- I had them on top of my Cowboy burger and even partially soaked in BBQ sauce they were crispy on the outside and meltingly soft on the inside. But they're also pretty rich and I can't imagine eating a whole side order (the burger came with four and that was plenty).

          Bacon on the burger was also fresh tasting, meaty (rather than predominantly fatty and crisped up) and evenly cooked and didn't overpower the meat. Meat was medium as ordered and the HUGE classic bun soaked up most but not all of the juices.

          B&W malted was sufficiently malty but I'll always take more malt. I also wish they had a plain vanilla malt on the menu (I didn't try to order off-menu). The shake was a little thick for my taste and the straw wasn't wide enough to compensate so I had to let the shake sit and soften for a while.