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Feb 22, 2012 06:59 PM

Make your own six pack

Does anyone know of good liquor stores in CT where you can make you own six pack of beer (preferably with a good selection of craft and microbrews)?

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  1. Manchester Wine & Liquors - http://www.manchesterwineandliquors.com/ lets you mix your own. They have a dedicated section to do so, but I'm pretty sure they will let you take any single bottle out of any six pack. It just can't damage the container (in other words, be sealed like a 12-pack). Of course, I'd verify that first.

    Their microbrew selection is excellent!

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    1. re: dugbee

      I agree with the Manchester rec. I just picked up a mixed 6 last weekend!

    2. There are two places I know of in the Fairfield County area
      1) 99 Bottles in East Norwalk - can match any beers and a great selection.
      2) Whole Foods in Darien - seems random but they have an entire wall of beer for making your own 6 pack and again, nice selection. I assume more expensive though.

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        Last time I was there Trader Joe's also offered to mix you own.

      2. I think all the Whole Foods locations allow this as well. Just be careful when mixing a six pack from their selections as some of the inventory may be older than dirt. Check the bottle dates if they have them and if not...buyer beware. My wife bought some Southampton Keller Pils from a WF recently and that beer hasn't been released since LAST May!


        1. Crazy Bruce and Ct Beverage Mart in Newington both allow you to make your own six packs and they have both have a pretty good slection too...........

          1. Pretty sure the liquor store in the middle of Post office Square (Farmington) - Rt. 10/Main Street - does that too.