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Sep 26, 2001 09:13 PM

San Diego

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Need dining suggestions for Old Town San Diego. Going with a group of food-lovers October 5th.
All suggestions and food types welcome!

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  1. Thats a tall order. If you are concerned about price (and who aint?), try these favorites in decending order of cost:
    Tapanade -La Jolla(french provincial)
    Piatti - La Jolla Shores (italian)
    La Vache - Hillcrest (french)
    Taste of Thai - Hillcrest
    Dumpling Inn - Convoy
    El Indio - WashingtonSt

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      Of these, I think El Indio is the only one that could be considered Old Town...they're all some of SD's greatest restuarants, but if you're looking for something literally in Old Town I'd recommend trawling the boards for ideas (via the search option on main CH page). Here's a place to start....


      1. re: Lisa Bee

        Thakns all for your suggestions, and links. Can't wait to get chowin'!!!

    2. Try El Agave. It is authentic mexican food and a good one for groups. A second one would be Olindas. The Tortilla soup is great and their Burritos are enormous.