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Feb 22, 2012 06:03 PM

Cooking classes?

I'm an above average cook, but just above average (I don't like to toot my own horn). At any rate, looking for an activity in the evenings and/or weekends for a few weeks if possible. I'm in Reston, and I prefer suggestions nearby, but I titled the thread so that all may add and benefit. This topic has come up in the past, but there's not much that's new that I could find.

For me, I'm thinking cookology or the Reston Association and didn't know if anyone had experience with either. I'm open to anything else. Any cuisine or aspect is open except for sweets, pastries, etc.


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  1. You may also want to search at, as they compile a list every now and again....

    1. There's a place called Culinaria in Vienna. I have never taken a class with them but I have been meaning to check them out.

      1. Certainly not convenient to Reston, but CulinAerie (in DC) has some classes for more advanced students. They have a masters class that runs for several weeks (1x/wk) and focuses on the techniques rather than recipes. They have shorter series and one-offs as well.