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Feb 22, 2012 06:02 PM

"Pioneer Woman" vs. my life the next week [moved from Food Media]

OK, I've been bashed on this board recently. For the next week I will be living on 385 acres in South Texas. I will be responsible for about 20 cutting horses (show horses), a few hundred head of cattle, a few dogs and my geriatric cat. I've been preparing a lot of food for both me and my cat. I'll be working all of the horses every single day, feeding and probably cleaning as well.

After a 12-14 hour day of working horses, I just need quick meals for me. The ranch is way away from even a WalMart.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the bashing. No sense taking it to heart.

    And can I say: CROCKPOT! I made a fab beef-and-barley stew this week, plus chicken-in-salsa-verde. Make up a big pot each of rice,and egg noodles for the side; lots of tortillas.

    Can you pre-prep the feline food? I have both Strombeck and Pitcairn, and their recipes seem amenable to freezing and pre-prep.

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    1. re: DuchessNukem

      a crockpot would be wonderful!!! I don't have one. My cat seems to enjoy light tuna in water, white rice & chicken broth. Duichess, the feline food will be just fine.

      1. re: Barbara76137

        Seriously, girl, WTH, no crockpot!!! I could lend you my 4-qt, I think I'm nearby. (The knob is missing.) :)

        How long do you have to prep? You could run this camping style, with food prepped beforehand, coolers, and sandwich stuff, etc. Is there a full kitchen/stove/oven/fridge?

        1. re: DuchessNukem

          I'm back home, but it was WAAYYY too warm for crockpot dishes. I survived the week with hearty main dish salads and things I had made at home and could microwave at at the ranch. I didn't starve, and feel really great!

          1. re: Barbara76137

            Cool. (But it's never too warm for crockpot, lol!) Glad you ate well. :)

            (Off-topic: I'm sure you saw the photos/video of the horse in Australia who was pulled out of the mud on the beach. Tough horse, tough owner; happy ending.)

            1. re: DuchessNukem

              I was without internet, tv, radio so I knew nothing of the Australian horse.

    2. If you're driving a ranch truck or 4-wheeler all day, a rolled-up foil packet of food near the exhaust manifold saves time and trips home. There's actually a cookbook for it, too.

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      1. re: kaleokahu

        Funny thing about the "Ranch Truck". The two dogs, a border collie and a hound, could only be "herded up" at night to their kennels with the ranch truck.

        Tonight I celebrated being back home with grilled chicken and baked sweet potato "fries". I may still have a salad..