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Feb 22, 2012 05:29 PM

Beer-centered lunch on Saturday?

I am in town for work and looking for a good gastro-pub or brewpub in the dc area for lunch on Saturday. Something casual and near a metro stop would be great. I am staying near the Federal center stop on the blue line. I would prefer some place with a good tap list, preferably on the local side, and good eats. The tap list doesn't need to be huge...a small but well selected tap list is always appreciated. Cask-conditioned beers are a plus....suggestions?

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  1. Birch & Barley is your best bet on 14th & Rhode Island - not too far from McPherson Square stop. Not certain if they are open for lunch/brunch Saturday, but their upstairs bar (ChurchKey) is for sure; though their food is not as good as Birch & Barley's.

    1. I would recommend Brasserie Beck. Excellent food and a great beer list. The focus is Belgian food. I think on Saturdays they serve their brunch menu until 4pm...but there are a lot of options on it that would be just fine for lunch, including their incredible mussels and frites.

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        I think you'll be happy with either Churchkey or Brasserie Beck. Personally, I like Brasserie Beck just a little more.

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          The moules and frites at BB are divine - wonderful Belgian beer list, though not cheap. The whole order of moules and frites will easily feed two people, especially if you are sopping up the juice with bread. They sell half orders (with no frites) as well.

      2. I like the suggestions you've gotten so far. Another place you might want to consider is The Passenger - very casual - good beer and good bar food. Walkable from Gallery Place or Convention Center.

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          I like the Passenger, but the tap list is really short there. I was stuck ordering cans last time, which is becoming increasingly more hip, apparently.

        2. In the other direction, two stops to the east on Metro, is Belga Cafe. Large Belgian beer selection with some available on draft, though I don't believe they carry any local beers.

          They appear to do brunch on Saturdays, though I haven't been personally.

          Belga Café • 514, 8th Street, SE - close to Eastern Market Metro ( Orange/Blue lines ) -

          1. Birch & Barley and Pizzeria Paradiso are probably the only two places that have reliable cask conditioned beers available most of the time. Theres a PP at Dupont Circle that usually has a fine tap list and a cask available and you can always go around the corner to Bier Barron for more good beer after.

            As far as brewpubs. theres a District Chophouse a couple blocks south of the Gallery Place stop (or a couple blocks north of the Archives stop). They have some decent house beers available and once in a while a barrel aged beauty but rarely a cask. Plus the food is pretty good including Saturday brunch. And once you are in the China Town area you can always make your way over to Gordon Biersch if you fancy some decent German lagers or even RFD which always has some interesting choices on tap (and Bras. Beck is not too far from there either as many people have suggested but honestly it wouldnt be the first thing I would think of when someone is specifically asking for a brewpub or gastropub unless you are specifically looking to nosh on high end Belgian food with your beer).

   might have some other recommendations that Im not thinking of that might have a cask available as well.