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Feb 22, 2012 04:42 PM

Kitchen 388, Oakland

Does anyone know what happened to Kitchen 388? I just walked by and there was a, For Lease
sign in the window :-(

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  1. Huh. I took it as a pretty bad sign that they've been closed for like two months, but as of a day ago there was still a note on the door saying they planned to open by the end of February. That's really too bad if they're done.

    They always did a ton of business on the weekends and not so much during the week, but it seemed like things had been picking up...

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    1. re: abstractpoet

      Walked by again today, and the sign saying they'll open by the end of the month is still up. The "For Lease" sign is for the empty space next door.

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        Thank you for your comments about Kitchen 388. I will go back and look at the, 'For Lease'
        sign. I too noticed how busy they were on weekends. I had heard that they were gearing up to open for dinner. I hope they open soon. A real asset to Adams Point.

    2. Unfortunately, there's a new sign up (and a notice on their website) informing customers that, due to an illness in the family, the future of Kitchen 388 is uncertain. They'll remain closed indefinitely.

      Wishing whoever's sick a speedy and complete recovery. Meanwhile, I'll miss the pop tarts and the friendly neighborhood vibe.

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        looked in the general area of kitchen 388, didn't see any activity. got coffee at grand lake coff up a lot and it was awful.

        round table has a lunch buffet acye, pizza & drink(6.99) ok for buffet wouldn't order anymore round table.

        1. re: shanghaikid

          Grand Lake coffee is by far the worst in the neighborhood. That whole place is just awful. Ahn's makes better coffee and you better believe I love Ahn's burgers, but coffee but is not their strong suit.

          Sorry for the multiple thread responses, but hey, I can't resist giving an on-the-ground report.

        1. Kitchen 388 is fully back in business, as I am typing this over one of their breakfast bagels (they were out of English muffins, but I was comped a coffee due to this horrid inconvenience) and on their wi-fi and I have to say it's pretty great. No homemade pop-tarts, but hey are open 6am-5pm on weekdays now. The coffee is great. So Baby Merrritter (don't you just love it when parents give their kids cutesy handle names?!) and I are going to enjoy this and then head over to Grand Bakery to get some Sufganiyot for dessert.