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Feb 22, 2012 04:42 PM

Viewer Pet Peeves

A few things on certain cooking programs that I really like bug me so much that I always change the channel. At the top of the list ... drum roll please ... Lidia Bastianich's daughter. The woman has neither personality nor talent. And it's a cooking show!!!!!! Not an art history/tour of European museums show. Just hand me the remote.

What makes you turn the channel when you're watching a food program that you generally like and would otherwise continue watching?

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  1. I don't mind her daughter. Although she is not at ease before the camera, she usually has something interesting to contribute. What I don't like is Lidia's son, Joe, who always looks like he's appearing under duress and would rather be anywhere else.

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      Jo Bastianich and David Chang of Momofuku should host a show, called, "We Don't Want To Be Here".

      I have seen Chang highlighted/interviewed in many contexts, and he always seem disinterested in being there.

    2. Lidia's daughter doesn't bother me that much either. What really bothers me with ANY cooking show is when the host/hostess/chef/pretendchef....takes a bite of the food....and....does the eyeroll thing and makes that face as though they are having an orgasmic experience....and the bite of food is more of an ort than an actual human bite of the food. Oy. Drives me up a wall!

      1. "And it's a cooking show!!!!!! Not an art history/tour of European museums show. "

        Yes, it is a cooking show but Lidia has always said that it is also a bit travelogue and history lesson as well.