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Feb 22, 2012 04:30 PM

Villaggio--new Italian restaurant in Manchester NH

What a treat for the North End of Manchester--a new Italian place has opened in the old KFC spot on Hooksett Road. Chef's name is Christos, and he has been in business since early February. He hand makes the pasta. A fairly typical menu featuring the classics. Entrees come with salad. My Fettucine Carbonara was very good. The Capellini con Calamari was tasty, and the Chicken Cacciatore was delicious. Service was charming, though a little slow--plan on spending a little time. Christos came to our table after dinner and took our feedback like a man ;). Full bar! Tablecloths and napkins! Restaurant was quite busy for a Tuesday night. Come out and support a great addition to the Manchester dining scene.

677 Hooksett Rd

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  1. Was the Cacciatore on the bone? I haven't been able to find a real Cacciatore since I moved up here.

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