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Feb 22, 2012 03:55 PM

Bodum Bistro Blender

Has anyone used the Bodum Bistro Blender?

I would love to find a really terrific blender for making smoothies, ect - just have trouble justifying the price of a vitamix. The thing I love about the Vitamix is that it would blend up watermelon seeds, pineapple skin, ect. I doubt the bodum would do that, but I have always found there products to be a good value for the money - this blender seems to be in a higher price range than their other products, so I wonder if it is a good value there....

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  1. Why would you want to blend watermelon seeds and pineapple skin? It sounds horrible.

    1. It looks like a new product ... sorry! On the bright side it is very cool looking. I checked the specs and it's only 500 watts. But ... it is PRICED like high end units with big power. Not so nice.

      I don't own a ninja but these look nice, are 1000 watts, and ARE well reviewed. Check them out on Amazon.

      We have two Oster 600 watt 18 speed digital blenders. I don't think they make our specific model anymore. But they certainly make a lot of current models. When it comes to smoothies, more power is better. But you do NOT need absolutely massive power. 600 watts does the trick very well. Is 1000 better? Ok sure but you don't need to go nuts.

      My best friend needed to buy a vitamix - he owns a restaurant and they burned out regular blenders doing several gallons of salsa every day.

      We regularly make smoothies. I prefer veggies and she prefers fruit. Along with egg white protein powder from rose acre farms (best deal around). I also use it to puree onions and garlic for homemade sauce.

      The one BAD thing that I CAN say about Oster blenders is that while they do work really well and last a long time - there IS one small and inexpensive part that will go on them. It's that plastic screw-on coupler at the bottom of the blender jar. Everything else will last but those rings will go once in a blue moon. They are like $5 each so if you DO order an Oster, you might as well buy 1-2 of these to go with it.

      Have fun!