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Feb 22, 2012 03:52 PM

help finding Hengstenberg pickles

I bought a jar of these last year sometime but i've since forgotten from where. Everytime I'm at a grocery store i check to see if they carry them but no one seems to ever have them either on the store shelves or the deli fridge. Anyone here knows who carries them or maybe its about when. Thanks chowhounders!!!

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  1. Some are available at Denninger's

    You should also try a German deli. Maybe you bought the last batch at Dimpflmeier Bakery's store? They may have it.

      1. I know I've seen some Hengstenberg products at Reither's, on Church Street. It might be worth phoning them up and asking if they carry the pickles.

        1. Thanks for the replies I'll check out Brandt, Ive wanted to for a while anyways. Denningers is also on my visit list as is Reithers now that i know about it, but its bugging my as to where i got them originally as ive never been to any of these places yet...........Did i maybe get them at Domino in the basement of the SLM? Worth a look a guess. THANKS AGAIN!!