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Feb 22, 2012 03:43 PM

New England style Egg Rolls recipe

I moved from Mass. to North Carolina 4 yrs ago and can’t find decent Chinese food here. So I’ve been on a quest to make it myself. After trying so many combos of veggies in the egg rolls I decided to get clever and call the restaurants back home and lie a little. “ my daughter has a lot of allergies to many foods so can you tell me what is in your egg rolls?” The answer was the same from 3 different places.. “ celery, pork, salt and pepper”

2 basic ingredients! Then I started experimenting. I tried sautéing the celery and I tried raw, they both taste great but the raw is easier and quicker.
exact measurements I don’t have.
1 package of egg rolls wrappers ( if you want best quality you can buy it at the local Chinese restaurant) the grocery store one is fine for me.
Using a food processor, chop/grind 4 heads of dark green celery ( the hearts don’t have as much flavor) squeeze out all liquid.
add chopped, PRECOOKED meat, salt and pepper and pinch of sugar.
wrap, fry and drain on wire rack.
freeze the extras.
when re-heating the frozen ones, just preheat oven or toaster oven to 400 or 425 and cook for 10 mins.

I hope this helps.
I’m still working on the duck sauce, they told me “its just apple sauce, sugar and water”.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. what the heck is the red stuff on the outside of the pork in those things? i haven't eaten one in years, but i thought they had cabbage in them?

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        I had a friend mail me some AH-SO sauce for the red coating on pork, but i found an Asian market here that carries packets of Chinese BBQ Char Sui, it's a dry red seasoning mix, ($1.29) you just add water or use dry to coat the meat. It's great on chicken too.

      2. I am also from Massachusetts, now living in L.A., and several years ago, I posted a duck sauce recipe here. It was given to my husband by a chef in a Chinese restaurant in Boston after he complained that the West Coast had nothing to compare to the duck sauce served on the East Coast. Here it is...
        8 ounces plum sauce (sold in jars in markets, usually made by Dynasty)
        12 ounces applesauce
        4 ounces white vinegar
        6 ounces molasses
        1/2 cup white sugar (if necessary)

        If you use applesauce made with sugar, you may not need to add additional sugar. Or, if you like it sweeter, just add sugar till it suits your taste.

        Mix all ingredients together, and refrigerate for a day or so. This makes a large amount, but it keeps, refrigerated, for quite a while.

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          GREAT! Thanks, I'll tr this. I'm new to this site and haven't had the chance to look around.

        2. Where in NC are you located? I find that in the Triangle at least, we have a great selection of traditional Chinese restaurants, but the Chinese-American or "take-out" type restaurants are just plain awful, even for what they are. I always did like the Boston version of Americanized Sichuan food.

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          1. re: rockycat

            I'm near Statesville, I can't even get a good pizza around here. I miss Papa Gino's and Christo's and Lynwood's and ..... lol but I DON'T miss the WEATHER back home!!!

            1. re: craftgal42

              good grief! if you actually miss papa gino's your situation must be dire.

              1. re: hotoynoodle

                hahahaha i actually love papa gino's i love a chewy crust, but yes dire is right!

              2. re: craftgal42

                Wow, Statesville. You WILL have to travel for good food. However, there is good 'cue in the Triad, along with pretty decent Vietnamese. And, of course, you have Keaton's right at home. Sorry I can't help you more with pizza and Chinese. We're all looking for good versions.