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Feb 22, 2012 03:04 PM

Looking for a large private dining room in London

Hi all,

I am an Administrative Assistant in the US looking to host a business dinner for 40-50 people in central London. I've had really amazing luck using the Chowhound board for similar suggestions in Amsterdam & Sydney so I'm hoping to find an equally amazing spot in London. Can anyone recommend a business-appropriate restaurant with a large private dining area (or a semi-small restaurant that might be willing to close for the night)? Ethnic food or more "traditional" British fare welcome.

I am looking for mid-range pricing and atmosphere (a 40 GBP set menu would be ideal). We will bus everyone from LHR so I am pretty open in terms of neighborhoods.


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  1. try

    a) st john in smithfield - classic british fare, but you knew that
    b) berry brothers - THE bordeaux merchants, events in cellars several floors (and centuries) deep

    i've been to corporate events at both, and they have were both handled smartly. if you want a unique experience, go with bbr; for food, its certainly st. john.

    1. Howler's suggestions are good, and it might also be worth looking at Searcy's:


      They specialise in this kind of event and have many venues. The Hurlingham Club could suit your needs. Your budget should be fine for food, but you might need to add drinks to that figure.....London's not cheap!

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