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Feb 22, 2012 02:31 PM

Dining in the 10th arrondisement

My wife and I are planning a trip back to Paris. Last time we stayed in the 4th (Le Marais); this time we are thinking about staying the the 10th arrondisement. If anyone has any recommendations for favorite restaurants, bakeries, wine bars, in that area, that would be great. We don't need to eat at the most luxurious places. The food overall in Paris is so good that we are really looking for those "off the beaten track" places that might not garner two Michelin stars, but that deliver a delicious meal at reasonable prices.

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  1. Two restaurants owned by the same person:
    Chez Casimir
    Chez Michel

    Oyster restaurant:
    Pleine Mer

    Marche St Quentin

    Wine Store:
    Vigne en Ville

    There is a start for you

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    1. Albion (2 guys from Fish)
      Le Galopin
      Vivant (former owner of Racines)

      And for lunch or light dinner, Ravioli Chinois Nord-est
      11 rue Civiale, Métro: Belleville

      1. Everything they said for restaurants, and Du Pain et Des Idees for bread and pastries.

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            Agreed. I am also partial to their famous chausson aux pommes fraiches as well.

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              Thank you all, this should get us started. We had heard that this arrondisement was not necessarily the *safest* for walking around after dark --- does anyone have thoughts in that regard?

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                Locals will give you the native spin, but as tourists, we are not spooked. We don't look flashy, keep valuables in the hotel safe, never put wallets or valuables in pockets that pickpockets can get to, keep heads up...just as we do at home. Paris is known for pickpockets, but not for muggings. (Home is known for muggings!)

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                  "this arrondisement was not necessarily the *safest* for walking around after dark"

                  After a first set at the jazz bar "New Morning" (in the 10th not far from Vivant), I would walk home to the 9th while DH stays for a second set. I have no idea of what you have heard about the 10th being unsafe. The muggers must have been scared by 103-lb me.

                  In fact several hounds and I contributed to this thread on another site, where we elected rue des Petites Ecuries in the 10th as having the best food fengshui in Paris:

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                      Shhh, just don't tell everyone, or my favorite apartment rental rates will skyrocket! :)

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                    We just arrived from Paris this past weekend and dined at Le Galopin (stayed in the Marais). We actually got lost for approximately 20 minutes wandering the streets (9pmish), and we were completely fine. It's definitely "grittier" than the center of Paris, but that's part of the charm. I believe the neighborhood is "Chinatown". If you're familiar with NYC - it reminded me of the Lower East Side.

                    1. re: i3prosecco

                      Chinatown? It sounds as though you got out of the metro and went 180° off course.
                      Rue Sainte Marthe, where Le Galopin is, leads to the Canal Saint martin which is a very hip 'hood.

                      1. re: Parigi

                        Yes - LOL! Needless to say - we were completely lost when coming out of the metro. After dinner, walking back, we realized how off the mark we were in. Including the fact that Le Galopin was a few doors from La Tete dans Les Olives.

            2. Depending of course where in the 10 - but anyway in the 11 Septime, Au Passage and Richard Lenoir market should be pretty close (relatively..), also Genin and Pain de Sucre in 3 are not far.

              Rue de Belleville in the 20 is very close - from recos here i marked Lao Siam and for sure there are more places there.

              For the 10 i have in lists also Rotisserrie de paris for some take away, and there are some middle eastern simple places that sounds good, also Le Poisson Rouge for wine bar..